Meet Anna Banana

Did you all like meeting John yesterday?  I’m excited for you to get to know him and his quirky self better!

Today, I want you to meet Anna!  She is one of my best blog friends. I can tell from reading her blog that if we lived closer, we’d be real-life buds. :)

The company I work for had our Christmas party the weekend after New Years, and everyone was asked to bring a white elephant gift.

I’m sharing my DIY gift over at her blog, Gone Banannas!  It’s one of my absolute favorite reads, so hop over there and spend a little time hanging out.

She is hilarious!  I especially love her use of gifs, like in this post about Honey Boo Boo.  Tehe makes me giggle!

Tomorrow on the blog–  TILE BABY!

Do something that makes you smile today, friends!

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3 responses to Meet Anna Banana

  1. OK…that is waaay too cute!!!…and John did a great job yesterday!!