An animal adventure and a closet makeover

The two have absolutely nothing in common.  But who cares.  We can mix and match, right?

First off, the company I work for is amazeballs, and they recently took us on an outing to a place called White Oak Conservation Center, for the day, which is basically a ginormous piece of land that houses exotic animals like giraffes, rhinos, zebras, etc., but also has a ridiculously nice golf course, cabins for rent, pool, the whole nine yards.   I sort of think of it like a safari resort for the wealthy.  Which means John and I will never be able to afford to go on our own.  But it’s all good. :)

Waterfall on the golf course? WHAT?!

We made our way to each habitat by way of trolley, and we saw and learned about all kinds of animals, most of which are from Africa.   I luurrve animals, so I ate it up.

The rhinos were sweetie pies.  It really doesn’t get much cuter than a baby rhino.  And we got to pet them.  Double win.

Feeding the giraffes was really cool too.  They aren’t afraid to take the branch right out of your hand.  I even got some giraffe slobber on my hand.  Yessss.

In one habitat, a dog and cheetah are best friends.  They’ve grown up together so they think they are brother and sister.  The dog sees himself as the leader, so he protects her and will fight anything that threatens her.  This was soooo flipping awesome to see in real life because John and I have wasted a few too many hours watching YouTube videos of odd animal friends, like this one.

So that’s that.  My employer kicks butt. :)

Moving on to the closet.  We haven’t touched the master closet since the day we moved in, and it’s been needing a little help.  Two old rods don’t provide all the functionality that we need.   That poor rod on the top is hurting.  We also feel that an updated closet will help our house sell, when that time comes.

We took down the rods, patched the holes, then painted the inside BM Classic Gray #1548.  We had some paint left over from our bathroom renovation and we are already planning on using Classic Gray on our bedroom walls, so why not put it in the closet as well?!

I know my man looks good, but quit checking out his butt already.  He’s all mine!

We purchased this closet system from Home Depot, and bought two drawers (this one and this one) to make it feel even more custom.

We gave the yellowish trim a fresh coat of Glidden’s off the shelf white in Satin.  Seriously, what’s with all the off-white paint?  Doors?  Trim?  I’m over it.  Notice below how big of a difference it makes to paint the trim white.   It really brightens it up.

And finally, John moved his stuff back in here.  Well, not all of it.  We wanted you to be able to see the shelves before he put all of his crap clothes all over them.  You know, because his clothes don’t look nearly as cute as mine. ;)

We’re still debating adding some type of shoe shelving on the bottom left, but for $170 and about 3 hours of our time, we feel good about it!  And we definitely think it’ll more than pay for itself when we decide to sell.

As for all my stuff, I use the closet in one of the spare bedrooms, and that closet is getting a makeover soon as well.  That also means I’m going to have to clean it out.  We’ll get there.

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4 responses to An animal adventure and a closet makeover

  1. 1) I want a baby rhino.

    2) It feels SO good to get a closet put together and organized. It makes life a lot easier too! :)

  2. I really want to buy or build some more shelves and things to organize our master closet. We could make such better use of the space with something like this!

  3. i love animal friends!! what a fun outting! good luck cleaning out that closet gf!!

Bye Bye Brass

I don’t know about you guys, but we have a love-hate relationship with gold.  The “new” gold you see floating around store shelves and all over blog-land is right up there with our favorite design trends right now.  We’re using lots of this “new” gold all over our home.

Like with this fun little end table we snagged on clearance from Target:

Or the planter we transformed with a stencil and some gold paint:

And this is one of my absolute favorite design photos using gold:

living room


But then there’s brass.   The brass that can leave my home forever and never come back.

It’s everywhere I look.  Every time I enter a room it smacks me in the face.  What is it, you ask?

Can we get a collective sigh?  We have about 30 door knobs that reek of the 80′s.  Not to mention the fact that all of our interior doors are an off-white yellowish color that makes me cringe.  Not cute.  Especially next to the white trim.  Dude, it’s bad.

Luckily, thanks to our man Derrick at D. Lawless, we are now down to 29 knobs that need replacing.   With the bathroom makeover, we painted the door a fresh coat of bright white (why anyone would paint them butter-cream yellow to begin with is beyond me?!), and replaced the old knob with updated satin nickel hardware.

SO.MUCH.BETTER!  Having this door updated has prompted us to go ahead and replace all the other door knobs throughout our home.  Especially because D. Lawless‘s prices are far below Lowe’s and Home Depot.  And we’re always happy to support small businesses anyway.  I love me some retro, just not on doors, yo.  I can’t wait to look down the hallway and see satin nickel!

Speaking of updating, in our bathroom makeover, we also gave our vanity a makeover, which included replacing the knobs.  We opted for these modern stainless steel pulls to compliment everything else that’s going on in here.  At $2.29 a piece for a 7 inch pull, you can’t beat it.

These are hot in home renovation right now, but I also feel like they’ll stand the test of time.

Either way, we are really liking how they’ve got some weight, which balances with the thick granite top.   In the shot below you really get a feel for how the chiseled edge granite looks.  It’s so unique!

Have a brassy day!  Oops, I mean classy. ;)

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9 responses to Bye Bye Brass

  1. Sara

    Whitney, I totally agree w you. I’m way over the brass of the 80′s- our kitchen is covered in it! I keep telling myself that I’m going to replace all of our knobs, and maybe now after reading your blog, I’ll be motivated to do so! :)

    • Sara, thanks for your comment! I feel your pain! But the good thing is that replacing knobs is fairly inexpensive, and can really update the look of your kitchen! I recommend D Lawless hardware…they have the best prices. Tell them I sent you, and maybe they’ll give you a special discount! :)

  2. you know how i feel about those guys at D Lawless..they are great! Love the updated look….also Target side Table TWINS! :)

  3. For real! 80′s brass is just UGLY. Love your new hardware!!!

  4. Dude! Steve Carrells face is AWESOME. … and yes brass doorknobs are like fingernails on a chalkboard…well maybe not that bad, but bad.


We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We met good friends for dinner on Friday evening, and then got a bunch of stuff crossed off the To-Do list on Saturday (we gave our master bedroom closet a makeover, which I’ll share later this week!)  Then Saturday evening we spent time with a couple we haven’t seen in awhile.  It was great catching up with them.

We don’t have any family with us in Florida, so we hung out with our pooch and I attempted to make a decent meal for Easter.  BTW, I really need to step up my cooking game.  I may have gotten my Mom’s laid back personality, but I did not attain her cooking skills.  Actually now that I think about, John just needs to take the reigns here.  It’ll make life easier for everyone. :)

Speaking of John, I thought it would be fun to write about some of our differences today.  We have so much in common, but we also have differing opinions on a lot of things as well.  He found this cool website called where you can create mood boards.  Y’all may know about this site already, but it was new to us, so we wanted to share it with all of you!

It’s free to use, and they have a bunch of products already on their site to choose from, but you can also upload images on your own.  So if you are in the market for a new couch, but want to keep your current end tables, you can mash them all together on an Olioboard.  How am I just now discovering this site?!

We are in the market for some new living room furniture, so we decided to have a friendly little competition to see who could come up with the best living room design.   We pretended like there was no budget.  Hah, we can dream, right?!

Here’s mine:

And here’s John’s:

Aren’t they fun?!

Which one do you like better?!  Have you created an olioboard yet?

While our design tastes are very similar, there are other things that we definitely don’t share the same opinions about.  Like food, for example.





Definitely John:

love this photo. I love the orange pack against the grey sky, as the seasons are changing, and i love the mist above the river.  It has a cold feeling, only because of the weather. I really like this one

Definitely Me:

Lie on a hammock by the beach and just relax and breathe in the fresh air! <3

He’s a rugged kinda’ dude and I love that!  When it comes to all the adventures he likes to take, most of them are a little hardcore for me.  I’d rather let him enjoy those weekends with his buds, and the girls and I will stay back and have cocktails on the beach. :)

What are some of the ways you and your significant other are different?

Note: This is not a sponsored post. has no clue who we are; we just like their site. :)

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5 responses to Differences

  1. I like how you and John put together very different rooms that have a similar feel to them! And, I agree with Shirley. It would be oh em gee sooooooo boring if you guys were the same :)

  2. Differences make for a very happy, healthy and interesting marriage….Love is the common denominator!!!