Budget friendly Do-It-Yourself home improvement ideas.

The overall discernment about home remodel thought is that they are tedious and end you end up with a gigantic opening in your pockets. With regards to refreshing your home stylistic theme, you don't have to go through a ton of money to make your home look engaging. What's more, on the off chance that you have just a restricted financial plan, at that point it's fundamental that you go through your cash admirably. Here are a portion of the reasonable home improvement thoughts that will assist you with improving the magnificence of your home.

Install Molding

One of the key home stylistic theme highlights characterizing a rich room from a typical room is the consideration of Embellishment. Aside from being reasonable, these wooden Moldings come in several plans. Be it straightforward or fine, you can pick as indicated by your prerequisites, taste, and spending plan. Particularly, you can support moldings that come in adaptable materials, for example, froth, as it will make your association work simpler. Likewise, there are moldings in the market that holds lighting, too. Such moldings are ideal in the event that you need to cover your light installations. A basic home improvement thought like trim can upgrade the vibe of your home definitely.

Choose a Right Ceiling Fan

While improving your home, ensure that you have an in vogue roof fan that suits the insides of your parlor or room. In the event that you have old or old roof fan supplant them with new and well known ones which gives an engaging look to your living space. Likewise, roof fans won't cost you much.

Add Lighting in Outdoors

Aside from enhancing the inside of your house, it's likewise important to make the outside of your home look wonderful. Utilizing legitimate lighting to light the outside of the house is a standout amongst other home redesigning thoughts to make your home sparkle during nightfall. There are a few sun based lighting items open in the market nowadays that are all the more innovatively unrivaled as well as are energy effective as well. Such lighting installations may appear to be valuable at first yet are practical over the long haul. Consequently, you don't need to turn off the outside lights during evening. At last, this will likewise help in warding thieves off.

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Updating A Covered Porch With Floor Paint & A Hanging Tent

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about living here, it’s that we do a ton of living outside. Between each at-home learning break the kids are out there running around, we make s’mores at our fire pit every week or so, we sit on our front porch and watch the neighborhood dogs go by, and we often eat or hang out on the second-floor deck (we even work on our laptops up there on especially nice days – which is where I’m writing this post right now).

We can really feel the house working extra hard for us thanks to the location/climate (good weather definitely encourages us to be outside a lot), but also due to having so many great outdoor areas for us to enjoy (we had no idea how awesome an upstairs deck would be, but boy do we appreciate having it!).

Another pretty fortunate occurrence is that a lot of these outdoor areas just needed one or two simple updates to go from “things we used to walk by” to “a spot that gets used every day.” Like this covered porch…

You last saw it in this post about our house’s exterior updates (there’s also this more recent exterior post) – and it sat pretty much unused for the last 8 months until we realized it was the perfect spot to hang a big...

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How We Built An Easy Modern Fireplace Mantel… Just In Time For Stockings!

We mentioned in this year’s holiday decorating post that we wanted to get some sort of fireplace mantel built this month and, well, Santa delivered! ::pats self on back::

art | frame for art | rug | ottoman |chairs | crystal fireplace logs | storage cabinets | curtains | rods | large light blue vase

Yes, setting a goal to have a place for hanging our kids’ stockings is a little random, but we were happy to have the motivation to check this project off our list sooner rather than later.

If you recall, our fireplace looked like this when we moved in:

Here’s a wider shot of that area right after we got here, just for kicks. Ah, those packing blankets as curtains are #MEMORIES.

So yeah… it feels good to be here:

Sherry did some work to freshen it up over the summer, like scraping and painting the black surrounded and lightening up the interior brick with paint.

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Our Kitchen & Sitting Area, Six Months In

*We updated this post to add additional pics & a video, so if you see something here that you don’t remember when you first read it, that’s why. You’re not going crazy ;)

We shared this space three weeks after we moved in and now we’re back with a six month update. Much like we said in that first post, we have some long term plans for this room, so this is just what it looks like as of this moment in time (I highly recommend photographing rooms to see how they evolve because it’s so much fun to look back on).

Since that three-weeks-in post, we did a series of inexpensive updates that have really made this room so comfortable and useful for our family (first we made these 5 small changes, then we painted the cabinets, and here’s a post about how our much smaller kitchen is organized for anyone who likes to peek behind cabinet doors & drawers like me).

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How We Decorated Our New House For The Holidays*

*Aka, the moment I’ve been waiting for since, oh, the day we moved in.

There’s something extra special to me about decorating a house for your first holiday season spent there. It’s right up there with seeing whatever pops up outside during your first spring at a new house (I basically scream out the window like I’m the announcer at a football game: “over on the left it’s A PATCH OF DAFFODILS! NOBODY SAW THAT COMING!!” But back to our holiday house tour. It’s looking very sweet & festive around here.

Since this move also involved some serious downsizing & simplifying (last week John shared an update on that), it promised to be an interesting exercise in what would go where in our smaller home. As you heard on the podcast a while back, we donated our beloved Christmas tree AFTER squeezing it into the pod and getting it all the way here, because we realized that such a wide tree (it had a 5’5″ base – so it was THICK) didn’t really have a spot that it could be set up in a single room of our house that wouldn’t severely impede the flow of things.

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Has Downsizing Been What We Expected?

Believe it or not, we’ve lived in our new house for over six months now. Half a year! So we thought this would be a good time to check in on some of the goals we had for moving and downsizing to see what has met and exceeded our expectations – along with detailing some of the biggest challenges we’ve encountered along the way.

This is going to be long & detailed, because it feels like there’s a lot of ground to cover, and while this rundown will be pretty specific to our situation, I think it’ll still give you a good window into the realities of downsizing that you might also encounter if you were to go for it. And yes, it includes money details. And a chart. You know I love charts.

To Recap, Why Did We Move?

We’ve got a thorough explanation of our reasons for moving from Virginia to Florida in this post from February.

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Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $15, and even $9)

This year we got our gift guide post up a lot sooner than usual, because we’re highlighting tons of small makers and Black-owned businesses that we love, and we want to give those shops as much lead time as possible (heck, large stores seem to need more lead time than ever these days too). We also included a handful of tried & true items from larger companies that we’ve bought and loved (like a favorite tool or family game).

There’s stuff for grown-ups, kids, and a ton of budget-friendly ideas that are under $20, and even under $10 that would be great for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, or white elephant exchanges!

Gifts For Grown-Ups

Here’s what we’re loving, either firsthand items that we’ve personally bought and enjoyed – or things that we’re getting for friends & family (or hoping to find under the tree ourselves).

  1. This plant lover’s doormat makes me laugh so hard ($52)
  2. We’re eying this favorite daughter t-shirt for all three of John’s sisters ($24)
  3. John & the kids got me two surprise mail-order plants like this for Mother’s Day (this pothos & this fern) and they’re still going strong (from $25)
  4. Santa is bringing me Bobbi’s black & white earrings & I’m THRILLED ($45)
  5. We...

How We Added Some Much-Needed Storage To Our Smaller Home

Downsizing from 3200 square feet to 1400 means storage is a big deal to us these days, and a couple of weeks ago we got two major upgrades in that department. We still have some “hacking” to do to the simple Ikea cabinets that we bought, but we’re stupidly giddy over just having them assembled and installed. They basically add up to 8 more large cabinets worth of storage – and our kitchen only has 7 cabinets, so the excitement was palpable when those flat-packed boxes arrived (they had about a 4 week wait time, but otherwise delivery was smooth and uneventful for those wondering how the ordering experience was during this time period).

ottomans | similar woven bench | TV media cabinet / blue basket next to TV

They make a HUGE difference in how much we can store – literally, it’s like we added a closet… except it’s in the form of three different large cabinets around the house.

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Our Front Porch: Big Plans & Even Bigger Plants

It has been about five months since we first introduced you to the outside of our house. That was our very first week of living here, and our outdoor spaces have been getting a lot of use ever since. You’ve already seen how our second-story deck has come together, so today we wanted to update you on our front porch as well as the covered area that we call the side porch and some new landscaping that we’ve added too.

We’ve made some functional and organizational improvements, some strictly aesthetic enhancements, and have some other upgrades that are still in the works. So won’t you join us on the front porch? Here’s how it’s looking these days:

house numbers | white plant pots | porch light | similar woven egg chair | similar blue-green planter

This next picture was a photo from back in May, when it was basically just our existing furniture and a couple of plants plopped down to make the space feel occupied.

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How We Installed A Stair Runner

Sherry recently hinted on Instagram Stories that we were up to our old staple-coloring antics. And by that I mean we were installing another stair runner (admittedly one of the less popular definitions of “antics”). But after installing one in our old house 7 years ago it has become one of our favorite projects – just because we truly believe anyone can do it, and whatever runner you choose can give you a totally different look (and a nice grip underfoot, but more on that functional upgrade in a minute).

Why We Wanted A Stair Runner

Before we get into the “how” of adding this runner, let’s talk about the “why.” We’re not people who automatically default to covering our stairs. At our beach house, for instance, we decided against a runner because the original wood was so charming. We eventually did add some temporary stick-on runner treads to help our chihuahua, Burger, navigate the stairs more easily (we used this removable tape to hold them down, and it came up cleanly later when we sold the house).

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