I hope you all had a great weekend!  We enjoyed some great Fall weather, and had an awesome time at the Jax Home & Patio show. :)

You guys, I have to share with you this incredible book by my bloggy friend Karah!  She wrote an amazing DIY book with all sorts of delicious ideas for pallet re-purposing!  And I got so much inspiration after reading it, I’m dying to put the two pallets that are currently sitting in my garage to good use!

Please excuse the bad phone pic!

It’s so easy to follow, and the pictures make me want to go DIY now!  My favorite projects that I cannot wait to try are:

The Planter Box.  I’m all about indoor plants, and a couple of these cute little boxes would be nice in our master bedroom.

The Shutters. Check these out!!  They wouldn’t necessarily work on our current home, but maybe a future one!  They are so darn charming.

Full Length Mirror Frame.  This is probably my favorite project, as I’m currently without a full length mirror and I am dying to get one!   I’ve been doing the whole awkward squat thing in the dresser mirror to try to see my whole outfit.  Karah spells it out easily so I can DIY my own.

The Pallet headboard.   So easy.  So chic.  Why haven’t I made one yet?!  And I love the whitewash effect.

The Adirondack chair.  Now that it’s Fall, it feels perfect outside to chill out and relax.  And my patio is calling for this bad boy.  Hint hint– Johnny Ray, let’s make this soon!

You can go here to order Karah’s new book!

Have a great week, friends!

Smiles!  ~ Whitney

p.s.  This post does not contain affiliate links and all opinions are my own!

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8 responses to Palletpalooza!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the book! Your favorites are some of mine, too!! And seriously, I don’t remember life without a full-length mirror, the squatting technique is for the birds. :)

  2. Love Karah! And LOVE her book! I’m posting about it on Monday! :)

  3. This is such a great book! Love Karah and she did an amazing job on this… hope you two are well!
    xo Heidi

  4. I have Karah’s book and it is awesome!….I can see John making some of her great projects!…you too!

Modern Midcentury Dresser Makeover

Hey guys!  I hope you are all having a great week!  Sorry we’ve been a little MIA lately…life has been so busy!  I am excited to get back into my normal blogging routine though.   And we have SO MUCH to update you on!  :)

To jump right in, today we’re sharing a thrifty little furniture makeover we recently completed.  We sold our bedroom furniture not too long ago.  We had it for about four years and it was time for a change.   Sidenote:  While we were waiting for the arrival of our new bed, our mattress was on the floor!  Brings back memories of Flipping the Block! Pics of our new bed coming soon! 

So when I saw this dresser at a yard sale for $40, I was like “Oh Heck Yes!”

The top was in bad shape, and sanding down the entire piece to restain would have been, umm, not fun — to put it frank!  (I kind of hate sanding!) So we went a different route. ;)

Since the top was in such bad shape, we did give it (only the top!) a good sanding to make it nice and smooth.

We purchased a quart of Glidden Bright White Trim and Door Paint Gel (link) for the dresser box.  It’s not cheap at $20 a quart, but holy cow this stuff is awesome!

We applied the paint to the dresser’s box.  It is very thick because it’s a gel, and when it dries it levels itself out and it dries super hard!  It’s mimics the look and feel of lacquer.

We gave it two coats of white paint, then added some fun gold hardware and applied furniture wax to the rest of the dresser to brighten up the faded brown stain.

I adore this piece!!!  I may be biased, but I think I love it more than West Elm’s version.   Or maybe I love the fact that it was literally a fraction of the cost.  Or both.  ;)

And here is the breakout:

  • Dresser/Mirror:  $40
  • 1 Quart- Glidden Bright White High Gloss Trim and Door paint: $20
  • Brasso renewal for hardware- $3
  • TOTAL: $63 !!!

Now that is a steal!  This is a super easy DIY project that you can complete in about 2 hours. :)

It’s almost Friday, friends!  Do something that makes you smile today!

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14 responses to Modern Midcentury Dresser Makeover

  1. Bella

    Where did you get the brass pulls? That is such a good idea!

  2. Pingback: New Look in the Master | Drab to Fab Design

  3. I love it! I don’t ever find awesome pieces like this! Can’t wait to see what else you guys are up to lately :)

    • Thank you Kelly!! Life has been so busy!! We try to post updates of what we’ve been up to on our Instagram accounts! I think I already told you but I can’t remember, so BIG CONGRATS to you and your family!!!! :)

  4. WOW! You guys did an amazing job! That dresser is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. for 60 dollars I think you got a STEAL of a good deal. and it looks perfect in your home. I think wood and white always go great together! And brass to top it off is always a yes!

    Can’t wait to see the new bed too!

  6. Wow…looks awesome. Wish I had known about this paint gel stuff when we made over the dresser for the nursery. I just love the white and wood tones together well done :)

  7. The dresser is it!!!….so the paint is really great???!!…I have a desk to paint and usually use chalk paint..You two did a great job….as always…Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you Shirley! Yes, the paint gel is great! It seems strange when applying it because it’s so thick but it levels itself out when drying. Have a great weekend as well!

Episode 2- HGTV Flipping the Block – Bathroom Deets!

I hope you all are enjoying the brand new series on HGTV, Flipping the Block!!  Did you catch the episode this Sunday?!  We WON the bathroom challenge!!!!

It’s typical for a gutted bathroom renovation to take about 2 weeks- on a good day.   We were challenged to renovate both the powder bath downstairs and the full bath upstairs in just 6 days!  Madness!~

Our master started out like this:

See that hole above the toilet? Yeah, that was a hole all the way through to the brothers’ bathroom, and of course it happened to be right above their toilet as well.  We weren’t allowed to work on any other spaces except for the challenge we were completing at the time, so John and I taped a trash bag over the hole during the first week when we were working on the master bedroom to give us, umm, privacy?!  LOL! A trash bag clearly doesn’t block noise if you know what I’m saying!  AWKWARD!

We bumped the wall back and stole 18″ from the 2nd bedroom so that we could add another vanity.  This was an expensive move to add plumbing and electrical, and of course to frame the new wall.  But it was worth it to us to have a much bigger bathroom!  We were focusing on adding value, and a bath with double vanities is always a plus!

John is explaining our vision to host Josh Temple, who is such a ball of fun!  Every time Josh came around, we were eager to get his advice and insight.

And here is the after!

We kept our current tub, and had it re-glazed.  This was about $400 of our budget, and was a no brainer compared to the cost of a new tub, not to mention lugging this one down the stairs and carrying a new one up would’ve been a time sucker.  Every minute counts!

As with any competition, there are rules.  And of course this was no different!  Some were put in place by production and some were out of production’s hands (i.e. city laws and ordinances).

Shopping was extremely limited, so this meant we really had to think of every possible thing we’d need to finish the challenge before we went shopping.  Switch-plate covers, light bulbs, kleenex for staging, toilet paper, wax ring to install toilet, plumbing lines, door hardware, soap, shower rod, shower rod curtain rings, EVERYTHING!

Sharing tools and subcontractors was another obstacle the blockheads, as we often called ourselves, had to face!  You may have caught that the drill died at the end of the challenge, and the brothers weren’t able to get their shower door or mirrors hung because of it.  I think they deserve some slack for that– there was nothing they could do except try to get as much done as possible with manual screw-drivers.  BTW, the brothers were awesome neighbors!  We worked really well together sharing tools and running things back and forth between our units.

Also, Los Angeles has a noise ordinance law which restricted us from using any tools after 7 pm (It was close to this time- can’t remember the exact time).  Who knew?!  Mixing thinset (mortor) by hand?!  Yeah buddy.

Speaking of thinset, we really love our tile floor– it’s modern and clean, but feels organic at the same time.  We layed this floor in the evening on day 4.  It was so important to use every minute to be productive, and luckily we managed to get all of our floor tile cut before the 7 pm tool cut-off time.  Instead of waiting until the morning (of day 5) when we could use tools again,  we mixed the thin-set by hand so that we could get the floor down that night and move on to the shower tile.

BTW, we had a good laugh during the tile scene…John and I were so slap happy from exhaustion and he was was clearly in a talkative mood! ;)

A little green is always nice, so we chose a succulent plant for our bath.  They are extremely low maintenance, and there is plenty of natural light in this space to let it thrive!

We had this to start with in the powder bath:

Nothing could be re-used in this space, so this was a complete gut. :(

We went with a shade darker in the powder bath on the walls.  Everything is from Joss and Main except for the towel ring, tile, and toilet.  Remember that anything we could get from Joss and Main was free, so this was the root of the big vanity issue on the block this week!   Joss and Main vanities were limited, but luckily, John and I got the first pick in the random draw, so we were able to choose the one we wanted!

Here is the Rehabulous Nicole Curtis, who was our judge for this challenge!  She knows her stuff!

All the blockheads deserve a serious pat on the back!  We were all working our booties off!

Kitchens are up next!  Lots of drama on the block coming on Sunday!  Every team faced serious obstacles, so stay tuned!  David Bromstad, the behind the scenes online host, makes his big debut on the block this week!    There was never a dull moment!!

If you haven’t seen the sneak peek for Episode 3, go here to check it out!

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20 responses to Episode 2- HGTV Flipping the Block – Bathroom Deets!

  1. Melissa Mulroy

    I’m really enjoying all of the work that you two do! Are the curtains used in the guest room from Joss and Main? They are exactly what I’m looking for and I’m having a hard time finding them.

  2. Ah! I totally missed it but super congrats on the win, so smart to add the double vanity in the master. They both came out beautifully!

  3. I need to see if I can find this online! I must see! I was watching HGTV at the dentist yesterday and almost freaked out when I saw you guys in the commercial!

  4. you guys did wonderful i love that huge mirror and nicole curtis is my FAVORITE. love her.

  5. Loved your bathroom reno… Can’t wait to see what you guys did with the kitchen :)

  6. Wow..that bathroom was disgusting!…and then you turned the ugly duckling into a beautiful Swan!…As I said before, you two did a magnificent job and you guys make a great team!!..I love that tile!..Everything you did was so “you two”…Looking forward to the next show!…

    • Haha yes showering in a moldy bathroom somehow just doesn’t make you feel clean! ;) We appreciate all your support! It was a tough ride, I can certainly say that! But yes, we stayed true to ourselves!! Kitchen was tough– I’ll leave you with that! ;)

  7. It is so fun to watch people you know do their thang on TV! You guys did a really awesome job with this bathroom; it was definitely the one that rang truest to my style! <3

  8. Lisa

    BTW, I lived in Glendale for 3 years, 3 years ago! Now I’m in Los Angeles, but still go to Glendale often for shopping – Great City! Did you get to visit the Americana while you were there?

  9. Lisa

    Loved watching last week’s episode! I know I don’t know you guys personally, but having followed your blog for a few years now I’m definitely rooting for you!

  10. Cheri

    I haven’t missed an episode and have turned my daughter on to the show. We both root for y’all. From my home state of Florida and an awesome blog! Your stuff is AWESOME. Want one do my master bath??? Any time, and I’m not too far, just up the road in Georgia.