About Us

Hey! We are John and Whitney.

And we bought our first house about four years ago! Oh and let’s not forget our little baby boy, Mannie.

He really is the cutest thing ever!  Well, at least we think so.

We are constantly scheming up ways to make our new home more “us,” all while saving as much money as we can by DIYing.  It’s awesome to see the fruits of our labor, and talk about how it makes you really appreciate what you own.  We are passionate about building things, designing, decorating, and Whitney likes to throw in some fashion too! ;)   Join us on our journey as we transform our 1960′s rancher from drab to fab!

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2 responses to About Us

  1. Hey Whitney! I had a question for ya. I am assuming you live in Florida, and was wondering if you know of any nice family friendly beach distinations. We are planning on taking a vacation this summer and would love some input with someone who knows the area. Thanks a bunch….