I hope you all had a great weekend!  We enjoyed some great Fall weather, and had an awesome time at the Jax Home & Patio show. :)

You guys, I have to share with you this incredible book by my bloggy friend Karah!  She wrote an amazing DIY book with all sorts of delicious ideas for pallet re-purposing!  And I got so much inspiration after reading it, I’m dying to put the two pallets that are currently sitting in my garage to good use!

Please excuse the bad phone pic!

It’s so easy to follow, and the pictures make me want to go DIY now!  My favorite projects that I cannot wait to try are:

The Planter Box.  I’m all about indoor plants, and a couple of these cute little boxes would be nice in our master bedroom.

The Shutters. Check these out!!  They wouldn’t necessarily work on our current home, but maybe a future one!  They are so darn charming.

Full Length Mirror Frame.  This is probably my favorite project, as I’m currently without a full length mirror and I am dying to get one!   I’ve been doing the whole awkward squat thing in the dresser mirror to try to see my whole outfit.  Karah spells it out easily so I can DIY my own.

The Pallet headboard.   So easy.  So chic.  Why haven’t I made one yet?!  And I love the whitewash effect.

The Adirondack chair.  Now that it’s Fall, it feels perfect outside to chill out and relax.  And my patio is calling for this bad boy.  Hint hint– Johnny Ray, let’s make this soon!

You can go here to order Karah’s new book!

Have a great week, friends!

Smiles!  ~ Whitney

p.s.  This post does not contain affiliate links and all opinions are my own!

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8 responses to Palletpalooza!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the book! Your favorites are some of mine, too!! And seriously, I don’t remember life without a full-length mirror, the squatting technique is for the birds. :)

  2. Love Karah! And LOVE her book! I’m posting about it on Monday! :)

  3. This is such a great book! Love Karah and she did an amazing job on this… hope you two are well!
    xo Heidi

  4. I have Karah’s book and it is awesome!….I can see John making some of her great projects!…you too!