New Look in the Master

Happy Friday!  I’ve got some fun updates for you guys!

A little awhile ago I told you we sold our master bedroom set.   We’d had it for several years and this furniture sort of fell into our laps, but the french style never really spoke to us.  It was really nice heavy furniture, so I think a part of us almost felt bad letting it go.   And that’s probably why we hung onto it as long as we did.  But, your home is a place where you should feel happy and comfortable, so we listed everything for sale and off it went!  I was so happy to see it go!

In case you’re new to the blog, here’s a shot of our old bedroom:

Please ignore that my bed isn't made! ;)


Our new furniture is more of a mix and match type of thing– a little more eclectic and a lot more us!   We wanted it to be a bit more moody and fun in here.

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray.  It’s a warm gray- not too gray and not too tan.  We love this color!   The bed came from Wayfair- our ceilings are only 8 footers so we went with a low profile bed to keep from overpowering the room.   We also found an antique dresser at a yardsale for $40, and gave it a modern midcentury makeover.

Our little $15 thrift store end table makes the perfect retro night stand.

We snagged a new rug from RugsUSA a couple weeks ago (this one) and we love it!!  Having hardwoods throughout our home is a great feature, but we definitely need some rugs for a little more color and texture.  You can check out our living room rug here.  I love the pattern in this one, and the gray in the rug matches our wall paint perfectly.  Love when that happens. ;)

About a year ago we picked up the small retro mirrors on clearance at TJ Maxx for $25 for each set of 3.  When we saw them we just knew they’d be perfect for our master bedroom makeover.   I’m such a sucker for gold.  The curtains are also from TJ Maxx, at $30 a pair.  It’s tough to find 96″ curtains at TJ Maxx, so when we spotted these, we didn’t think twice!

One of my favorite things in this room is the addition of our new WallChamers elephant.  I mean seriously–  Elephant + White + Gold = Perfection.  There are several color combinations to choose from, and a HUGE part of me wanted black and gold, but we landed on white and gold for the versatility.

We even considered the moose or the bison, which are both equally just as bad a**, but opted for my favorite animal.  Gotta go with your gut!

The accent pillows are from Target, found on clearance for $6!

We are totally diggin’ our ‘new’ room.  It’s not quite complete yet, but close!  We just want to add a couple small pops of orange, maybe with a throw blanket or a little something for the nightstand.

Happy weekend friends!  What are your plans?!

~xo, Whitney


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17 responses to New Look in the Master

  1. Kristin H.

    Your bedroom is beautiful!! I love everything about it. I know you said you got them at TJ’s, but do you have any idea the brand name on those curtains? Sometimes they have a tag on one of the inside seams? I’m absolutely obsessed with them, thinking maybe I can try to hunt them down online. Thanks!! So glad I found your blog, I love your style.

    • Hi Kristin! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Oddly enough, there is no tag inside the panels. Maybe try googling TJ Maxx curtain brands and see if that leads you anywhere. I hope it helps!! :)

  2. JR

    what paint color did you use in the bedrom? great space!

    • Hi JR, the paint color is Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray. It’s a really nice warm color for a bedroom! We also used this color on the exterior of our house, and we love it! :)

  3. Jessika

    The new bedroom looks FAB! Especially the elephant!

    I really love your blog, post more please!!! :)

  4. You guys! This looks awesome – what a transformation from the previous look in this space. I love it so much! <3

  5. Marian

    Absolutely love it! Totally love it all!

  6. Pretty. I love the wall color, and those curtains are beautiful! And that dresser turned out so perfect!

  7. Finding 96″ curtains at TJMaxx is like finding a needle in a haystack. Great score!

  8. i want one of those wallcharmers for the nursery!! gah so cute. I love the new room. it it much more you! happy weekend gf!