Living Room Pick-Me-Ups

Did you guys have a happy 4th of July?!  I hope so!  We enjoyed some grilling and relaxing!  We got a bunch of things done around the house as well.

A couple years ago, we purchased a fun ikat rug from Rugs USA for our living room.  (You can check it out here.)  We still love this rug, but decided to make a few switch-a-roos in this room.  After all, we spend most of our time in the living room, and we were ready for a change.

I had been eyeing this rug for so long, and finally went for it!  It’s so soft, and you know I love the gray and white combo!

I basically stole the red and blue accessories from Target last weekend on mega clearance.  I am loving the fun pop of color they add!  Also, our fiddle leaf fig is getting so big!  The yucca we used to have in this corner was transplanted outside–it was outgrowing the room.   Pretty soon my fig will be large enough to fit in my gold stenciled planter!

The rug is classy and timeless, and goes with everything!  We would LOVE to splurge on some new living room furniture soon, but in the meantime, a new rug and some fun accessories are definitely a pick-me-up in our space!!

And here’s a close up– the feet aren’t complaining. ;)

Below is a close-up of one of my Target clearance finds!  I need to buy a little candle for this cute hurricane.  I bet the light going through all the holes looks crazy!  Do you spy the flowers back there?  Johnny Ray picked those up for me this week.  Such a sweetie pie.  ;)

I’m loving all the changes!!  We moved the previous living room rug into one of the spare bedrooms for now.  We found some cool orange curtains that tie in perfectly with it!  I’ll take some pictures soon.

In other news, we picked out the exterior paint colors for our house today!  If you follow me on Instagram (@whitneyspinks) you probably saw the samples!

We hope you all have a great week!!  Do something that makes you smile today. :)


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12 responses to Living Room Pick-Me-Ups

  1. Jessica

    LOVE that rug! I’ve been looking at it on Rugs USA for a while. Is it hard to vacuum being shag type material?

  2. Love the pops of red! And that rug looks amazingly cozy!

  3. Love that rug and how great it must feel under your feet!…Love all your “steals” from Tar-Jay!…

  4. Marian

    Looking good!!

  5. ah love that rug in that color combo. looks comfy on toes too!

  6. I’ve always thought it was smart to stick with classic pieces for the big stuff so that you can change out smaller things for easy/cheap change. Good stuff!