Knocking Out the To-Do List

Happy Monday!!  Who had a fun weekend?!  We went to Pensacola for a wedding, and it was a blast!  We stopped at a local beach bar to grab a drink and enjoy the view. Below is a photo from the trip for those who don’t have Instagram.  :)

Needless to say, we didn’t get much done around the house this weekend, but I’ve been eager to update you on the the things we’ve taken care of in the past couple weeks.  You know when you have a To-Do list that seems so overwhelming, you don’t know where to start?  When it comes to our home, that’s pretty much how John and I have felt for about a year now.  When you can rattle off 10 things that all need to get done, you know your list is extensive.  But we’ve slowly but surely been plugging away at it, and it feels so good!

We hadn’t touched the large back deck since we moved in 3 years ago (other than pressure washing).   So guess what we did!

We stained that bad boy:

What a huge difference a good pressure washing and a little stain can make.  And scroll back up to take a peek at the yard when we moved in versus now!  Green grass grow, baby, grow!  You can read about revamping the back yard here.

We also replaced all of our disgusting old ceiling fans.  Although I’m not a huge ceiling fan lover, they do provide a little break from the crazy Florida heat.  We also painted the bottom half of my dressing room (BM Classic Gray #1548) and hung these amazing Anthropologie curtains that my MIL got me for my birthday.  You know you’re obsessed with interior design when you start asking for things like curtains instead of handbags and shoes for your birthday.  Not that I’m against bags and shoes or anything. ;)

We painted over the stencil in the hallway (BM Classic Gray #1548~ I guess we like this color?!) and painted all the doors and trim bright white.  The hallway stencil was fun for awhile, but we were ready for a change.  The good thing about stenciling is you can just paint over it!  We are still waiting on some of our door hardware, but the brass is gone!

As I mentioned above, we painted all the trim in the hallways, but we also tackled the trim around the french doors and the french doors themselves.  The color was cream (yuck!!) and now it’s bright white:

We’re also about to paint the outside of the house!  Aahhh!  Big project!  Our house desperately needs some curb appeal, so we’re going to take the plunge and paint it.

We hope you all have a fantastic week, friends!  Do something that makes you smile today. :)


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16 responses to Knocking Out the To-Do List

  1. “You know you’re obsessed with interior design when you start asking for things like curtains instead of handbags and shoes for your birthday.” This made me laugh! Mainly because we asked our son (who’s turning 3) what he wanted for his birthday and his response was “A shooting gun, a green bouncing ball, and curtains for my windows.” Ha. I think you really know that your obsessed with interior design when you young children start asking for curtains instead of toys!!!

  2. What beautiful updates.
    PS-I love your dining room chairs.

  3. come paint all the trim in my house next please :)

    I don’t want to do it and we have some to do still!!

    • Haha I know what you mean! Painting trim is kind of daunting b/c it feels like it’s never ending, but I just turn on my tunes and try to not think about it!!

  4. two are always the busy ones…the deck looks great and I so remember when you stenciled the hallway…it was beautiful; however I guess it was time for a all of your changes and I so understand about the ceiling fan…Glad you had a great weekend…

  5. Love the neutral gray! We have to paint all of our window trim outside this summer. Definitely NOT looking forward to that project!

    • Oh my I can’t wait to see your trim after that project! We have been putting off painting the exterior, but it’s time. We are making ourselves buckle down and do it!

  6. You know…I really loved that hallway stencil so I am a little surprised to see that I really love the change! Everything look a little more streamlined, which I really dig. The deck looks awesome too; excellent choice in stain color! How far away is Pensacola? Can we add to our list of beach bars to visit whenever Bob and I get down there!?

    • Thank you dearie! We are getting our house ready to list (more on that coming soon!) so the stencil needed to go. Pensacola is about 5 hrs from Jax, all the way on the Gulf side of FL. The water over there is so much prettier than the Atlantic in Jax. I’m so envious!

  7. Carley Jackson


    What an awesome resourceful blog! Looking forward to doing some scrolling & getting great ideas. Love the neutral gray wall color. I’m contemplating a horizontal gray stripe in our powder bath, this may be the perfect color!