Now that we’ve shared oodles of info with you about our recent bathroom renovation, we are ending the master bath posts with our fun little vanity makeover.

With the tile and fixtures we chose, we opted not to leave the vanity in it’s current state because it would look a little funky next to all the whites and grays.  And the sink that sort of mimics a shell is just not cute.



In our efforts to rid this old house of all the yellow/beige tones, we painted this puppy a clean, bright white.  Specifically, Glidden’s off the shelf white in semi-gloss.

The vanity sits on a toe-kick frame thing (see photo below, and don’t ask me the technical name!) but because we wanted a more custom look, we had this idea to install some little legs to the bottom instead of reattaching the toe-kick.

John found this cool company called  After perusing for awhile, we found these!

They are 4″ tall, and the toe kick is 5″ tall.  Since we went with a sit-on top vessel sink, we weren’t worried about losing the inch on the bottom.

After we painted the vanity, we installed the bun feet using their hanger bolts.  We chose to get them pre-installed. has a few different hardware options depending on what you’re attaching to.  We flipped the vanity upside-down and got our feet ready for install.

We had to modify them slightly because the base of our cabinet is 1″ thick and the bolt is only 3/4″ tall.  We marked our measurements, but instead of using the nut to attach from inside the vanity, we drilled into the bottom of the cabinet (not all the way through)…

Then we added some heavy duty construction adhesive to the holes, and put the feet on.  While they were adhering (we let it set for about 4 hrs before we flipped it over), we painted the feet.

You know what’s next…we reattached the doors and installed it!

I LOVE the shape of the feet!  The vanity makeover was probably the easiest part of the entire renovation, and it looks a bazillion times better than the previous light colored honey wood situation.

We are so happy with the decision to get rid of the toe kick.   The bun feet make the vanity look much more unique and high-end.

Alright guys, you know I love a good before and after.  If you missed the entire bath remodel, the master bath before and after post has lots of juicy pics. :)

Speaking of juicy pics, we just joined Instagram and we want to see what you guys are up to, so if you aren’t following us on yet, hop on over to follow me and Johnny Ray!  :)

Hope you all have a smiley day!


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6 responses to IT SPROUTED FEET!

  1. Wow! What a difference that makes! The vanity looks so fresh and so clean clean :)

  2. Whitney your vanity is beautiful and what a difference a bun foot can make to elevate a ordinary cabinet. We offer a great selection of bun feet including the popular mid century modern style. Check out our bun foot section of our site and see how to put your best foot forward on your next project!