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Can someone please tell me how we’ve managed to live in our house for 3 years and haven’t hung one curtain panel in our favorite room of the house?  Beats me.  Pathetic.

The sunroom, aka our living room, is where we spend most of our time.  This is where we sit and talk, watch TV, blog, and because we can’t resist- roll on the floor with our pooch.  The natural light in this room is amazing because windows cover three of the four walls.

But those poor windows have been needing some love.  Desperately.  We toyed with the idea of some fun bright curtain panels, like these…

Cotton Canvas Bold Stripe Curtain – Slate


…but because there are so many windows, we ultimately decided against that idea, for fear that 15 bold panels in one room might be a little overboard.

We landed on these white curtains in 96 inch.  White is always classy and you can’t go wrong.  However, we did decide to make a bold move on the rod selection.

High and wide, baby, high and wide!  After we built a huge DIY curtain rod using galvanized pipe, we saw all the gorgeous copper pipe at the hardware store and it just clicked for us.

It’s a tad eclectic, and very unexpected.   We can’t decide if we want to continue the panels on the adjacent walls, but for now, we are diggin’ it.

It was so easy to make; we purchased two 10 ft pieces of copper (3/4 inch thick), one connector piece, and two end caps.  We cut the rods to size, used the connector in the middle, and hung it.  That’s it!

Airy and bright, just the way we like it!  Once again, it reminds us how something as simple as adding curtains can make a BIG statement!

We are going to sell our little end tables soon and slowly swap out our living room furniture.   We are ready for something a little lighter and more modern. :)

In other exciting news (not that curtains aren’t exciting enough, hah!), we are giving the blog a little face-lift.  I know you probably didn’t notice. ;)

And (drumroll) John and I both got Instagram accounts today!   #itsabouttime

When we both reach 300 followers we are going to give away a West Elm light (this one), courtesy of us!  We love this light so much– we hung in our dining room here.  This is not a sponsorship, it’s just our way of saying Thank You to all you wonderful people for hanging out with us!  You guys make this thing tick, so go on and follow me and my man!! :)

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16 responses to Copper Top

  1. Colleen

    I love this idea and I too have a very long span to cross for my windows (almost 20′). How long is your span? Were you able to do it with no middle support? do you experience any sagging in the center? I Only plan to hang sheer curtains so I won’t have a lot of weight… Any advice is appreciated- thanks!

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  3. love these curtain rods… and so happy you’re on IG now… i will second your #itsabouttime

  4. LOVE the white curtains! They look gorgeous in that room!

  5. Two things: I really love the look of the copper pipe with the curtains and great job on the new blog layout! I love how streamlined it is. <3

  6. Sara

    I love the white curtains! I think it gives your living room a more finished look. Do you guys have any curtain advice for our bedroom?! We have super high, and short windows and they all have wooden blinds (which we love), so we don’t want to cover them completely, but I feel like the room looks like it’s missing something without curtains! :)

    • Thanks, Sara! Our advice is to hang the curtains “high and wide”…if you aren’t sure what I mean by this, check out this pin: . By hanging the rods as close to the ceiling as you can, it makes the ceiling look taller. And by wide, choose a rod that can expand about 30-36 inches wider than the width of your windows, so that you can hang the curtains without them blocking your windows and blinds! Another little tip: choose curtains that are the same height as your walls, so if you have 8 ft ceilings, get 96″ curtains…it doesn’t matter that your window is short, the curtains should graze the floor. Hope that helps!! :)

  7. The curtains and rod look pretty! I have been wanting to add curtains to our living room, and I think going white is a good call! Looks great.
    Welcome to IG!

  8. I LOVE them. LOVE THEM! I want to do something like this in our dining and living room….maybe copper…maybe not. I’m going to try and talk husband into this this weekend!!