Warm and Fuzzy

During the holidays, RedEnvelope reached out to us and offered a gift in the spirit of giving.  How nice of them to do that!  When we received our surprise gift in the mail it was packaged beautifully.    We now have a gorgeous frame gallery for our photos.

It’s their hanging gallery frame set, and it comes in a few different colors.  We received the white version.  I finally got the pictures printed for it, and I love the way it looks!!

It’s such a great size and was super easy to put together.

Simple, timeless, and gorgeous!

Thank you RedEnvelope for such a nice surprise!  We will enjoy it for years to come!

In the spirit of giving, I’ve got a little feelgood story for y’all…John and I went out to dinner this weekend, right after we had just prepped the entire bathroom floor for tile and had been working all day.  aka we were not looking cute.  Our waitress was THE NICEST person we had come across in quite some time.  She kept hooking us up with more food, which we scarfed down because we were starving and she gave us that smile like “Don’t worry hun, you just keep eating; I won’t tell anyone.”  So we gave her a 75% tip on our bill and we snuck past her on our way out.  She deserved every penny and it made us feel warm and fuzzy ….You guys should try it!!   Come back and share your pay-it-forward story with us!  It would make for a neat post.  ;)

Note:  RedEnvelope so graciously sent us this gift, but all opinions are my own!  They have an awesome wedding and anniversary line, so you should check it out!

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18 responses to Warm and Fuzzy

  1. LOVE that! Those folks at Red Envelope are so sweet!

    And that is such an awesome story! It’s so great to give to those that deserve it!

  2. i love what you chose! I had a hard time deciding. Looks gorgeous in your home. and I love to pay it forward. i’m sure she was so so so happy and grateful when she saw!

  3. Whitney!

    You are so lucky! What a fun gift and I LOVE Red Envelope!

    So happy to catch up with everything you have been doing!

    Happy day to you!

  4. I love the hanging gallery, super cute! And aren’t you guys adorable!? You’re right doing those things make you feel better knowing that you probably just made that persons day!

  5. Oh that is such a great story…I love “paying it forward”…such a great feeling.
    The photo gallery frames are fantastic!…How nice of them to send it to you! I have received gifts from Red Envelope and they are such a great company!

  6. Love the gallery of pics… and STILL that green buffet makes me drool everytime I see it!

  7. I love it when you come across a person that you just want to shower with kindness! Last month the hubs and I were out to dinner and got to chatting with our waitress — hardworking sweet, single mom with a one year old son. Hubs couldn’t resist leaving her a C note as a tip and we dashed before she could protest.
    Hugs to you, W!
    xo Heidi

    • That’s awesome, Heidi!! Good for you guys for doing that!! Doesn’t it make your day just knowing that you probably made someone else’s?! Thanks for sharing, friend! :)

  8. Sharon Moore

    I have tried paying it forward in many small ways as a routine but have to tell my story when I received the “gift”. I had gone to local restaurant for breakfast one weekend morning and when I got ready to leave the waitress told me my bill had been paid. She wouldn’t share any other information. I didn’t see anyone that I knew while setting there. This act reduced me to tears after Ieft for someone to do this and expect nothing in return. I realized then that I had truly been blessed and will work hard to do the same in return.

  9. Look so great. Thanks also for posting this blog. I enjoyed reading it.