Dude, it's pink.

Last week I told you guys we had a few things left on the list to get done in the master bath before we could start tiling.  We weren’t lying.

Look at John’s list:

At least we know he doesn’t work on projects in his nice clothes. And he likes my Post-Its.  ;)

If he reads this he’s going to hate me, but I had to!

Anyway…..Paint the trim and walls?  Check.

Grout all the backerboard seams?  Check.

Seal the backerboard?  Check.

This sealer stuff is no joke.  It’s called Red Gard, and it basically acts as a water-proofer for the backerboard.  (After we found water damage due to a crack in the previous tiled shower, we are doing everything we can to prevent that.  BTW– holy smokes!   When I look back at that post to see what the shower looked like when we moved in, it makes me even more pumped about all the work we’ve done in here.)

Create a bright pink space and take a picture with it while wearing beer suspenders?   Triple check.

Note:  He is wearing suspenders that say “I love beer” and he really wears these for the purpose of keeping his pants up while he works on projects.   I have no clue where he got them, but I guess a belt doesn’t do the job?

He makes me giggle. :) … And he’s seriously going to kill me for this.  So, if I don’t post again soon you know that I’m dead and buried under the house somewhere.   So please call the police.

Speaking of John, he is going to write his very first post this week on How To Apply Red Gard, so you’ll get to “meet” him and hear more about this stuff!

Also, the tiling has begun and it looks amaze-balls!  Stay tuned and have a great week, friends!!

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18 responses to Dude, it's pink.

  1. lol. That’s cute. I’m thinking my husband needs some of these suspenders because sometimes the belt doesn’t work, aka plumber crack. ;)
    Can’t wait to see how the room comes along!

  2. Marian

    It is so much fun to cross these things off the list when they are completed!! Suspenders and all!!!!! Excited ti see tile going ou soon!

  3. Kelli Brummett


    Funniest post EVER! Next time you guys are home we need to go to Leroy’s and sing again! FYI your projects are looking fantastic!!

  4. That picture of John made me LOL. Can’t wait to meet him! :)

  5. Looking good! And thanks so much for your comments on my ole blog!
    The house is conditionally sold, so I am anxious to get out – find a new space – and move on with life and the blog, too!
    Thanks for your support, crazy to feel so connected with blog friends :) It’s great!

  6. Amy

    “Eat lunch”. HAHAHA!! A man must have priorities!

  7. Oh John will love this!…I love his list..looks like one that my hubby does..he has to do lists all over..so glad we do not have to create “honey do” lists as they crete their own!…Hey, love those suspenders..they make the projects fun!!!
    I am so anxious to see the finished product…you two have worked so hard and I know it will be stunning!

  8. Oh, can’t WAIT to see it finished! Y’all are too cute… looking forward to hearing from John. ;-)
    xo Heidi