Bathroom Status- and a little debate!

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and spent it with those you love!  We are feeling so blessed that we were able to travel home to spend the holidays with family and friends!  2014 is filled with some big plans this year!

Our master bath is moving right along, and I am SO GOSH DARN READY for it to be complete.  Last time I showed you where we were at with it, it looked like this:

Can you picture it yet?

Gross, right?  We had the walls up and the joints mudded (is that a word?), but still had to sand them to get them nice and smooth.  And we were still walking on the sub-floor.  Yeah, buddy.  Living the high life.

Now, I’m happy to say the walls are smooth and we’ve got the first coat of primer on the walls and ceiling.  I apologize there aren’t many photos of the actual process itself; it’s hard to take pics when you’re covered in dust and paint, so here’s that same corner now:

Just in case you were wondering, the white pipe shooting up out of the floor is where the toilet will go.  Ewwww.  Anyway, we bought a mold resistant paint and primer in one (this one), so we applied two coats to the ceiling and one to the walls.  We have decided to go with Benjamin Moore Classic Gray on the walls.  We loved the color so much in our front room that we are using it again in the bathroom.

On to the little debate I mentioned….We had the plumbers come in and plumb up our new shower valve, as well as the shower pan drain.   We bought a cast iron shower pan (link to the exact one we purchased here), which is HEAVY as heck, but isn’t it pretty?!

This was a splurge, but so worth it!  You just lay that puppy down on a level surface and that is it.   And it will last forever.  What is shocking, however, is that every single plumber we called for an estimate had never heard of a cast iron shower pan.  They even tried to tell John that he must be mistaken and that they (meaning, shower pan manufacturers) only make fiberglass shower pans.  Needless to say, it was funny to see the look on their faces when they saw there is such a thing sitting in our bathroom.

Hehe, oh you silly plumbers.  We fooled you. :)

Now, on to the floors.  The Durock, aka backerboard, is screwed into the subfloor (you can see it in both of the above pictures) and ready to be grouted and sealed.  This is a necessary step before tiling. It doesn’t look like much yet, but this step is a TON of work because these pieces are heavy and hard to cut. Speaking of backerboard, look at our whole shower now!!!

I’m glad we decided to buy the yellow pre-cut niche because cutting the backerboard for all those little pieces would’ve been a huge pain in the ass!   Our bathroom is a funky width, so the shower pan doesn’t span the entire width.  We had the option to either install the shelf under the valve or bring the whole wall out to meet the edge of the shower pan.   We chose the shelf option to keep as much visual width as we could.   And because home girl needs somewhere to put all her hair products.  ;)

If you’re standing in the doorway looking into the bathroom, there is a window on the left.  Unfortunately it’s a small bathroom so there’s not a lot of room between where the shower stops and the window starts:

Trying to maximize our space, people!!

Up next on the list:  Grout and seal the backerboard, paint the walls, trim, and bathroom door, then start installing tile.  If you missed the post where I showed you what tile we chose, you can go here to check it out.

I am sharing our vanity top and sink later this week.  Our top is bold and a little unexpected.  Stay tuned!  I am so excited about it!

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13 responses to Bathroom Status- and a little debate!

  1. i cant wait to see what bold choices you have made for this room. Happy new year friend!! xoxo

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  3. It’s coming along nicely! I can’t wait to see the finished room!

  4. Marian

    Wow you’ve really been busy!! Can’t wait to see the pretty finishes now!!

  5. I’m so jealous of your cask iron shower pan!! I want one!

  6. It’s coming along! We are ripping our vanity out this weekend (It’s about half ripped out right now).