So about that coffee table…

I’ll cut right to the chase!  First I should note, these pics are camera phone pics because my camera is still in the shop. :(   I didn’t go with either of the fabrics I showed you for my little coffee table makeover.  But I did get rid of those water marks one way or another. :)  Does this help you out?!

Here’s the deal.  Hubby kindly expressed to me that he wasn’t the biggest fan of the navy or leopard fabric (in case you missed that post, you can check it out here).  And when I asked about magenta, I got the look.   Hah!

All I could do was laugh.  He had a point.  He does, in fact, live here too. ;)  We talked it over and made a little deal– If he’d come with me to the craft store and help me pick something out, then I wouldn’t use anything crazy.  DEAL.

This is where we landed.  

But I have a little secret I’m not quite ready to share.  Just stay tuned.  I promise it’s pretty dang cool.  Each bag of marbles is a buck at Dollar Tree.  I bought ten bags.  Not bad.  We chose a few different shades in the same color family to tie in with the green buffet and blue end table.

The how-to is coming soon!  In the meantime, here are the after photos!  I love the way it turned out!!!

Bye bye, water marks.

I’m a huge fan of faux bamboo.

A glimpse of the coffee table in the front room…

Such a fun pop in our front room!!   For a $40 table, I’m really happy with it!  What do you think?!  You know it’s not a complete reveal without a before and after shot!

p.s.  I will share the how-to post when I tell you my secret!  You can read all about how I sanded and painted the coffee table here!

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52 responses to So about that coffee table…

  1. カットカラートリートメント8800円!!リニューアル記念で通いやすい価格に♪モロッカンケア付の贅沢カラーコース登場!!

  2. gabrielle

    Now THAT is an original idea – and beautiful in your space!

    I was also noticing something else that made my heart skip a beat in the HomeTalk post. You have a window with some turquoise fabric beautifully draped… I could only see the bottom half in the photo; could you send me a link to where I might see the whole draping? Thanks so much, and really, well done!

  3. Celeste

    what did you use to glue the marlbles down with? Or are they free floating? If I did that, my girls would take them and used them for other things…such as diamonds for their dolls. :)

  4. Karen Bialek

    P.S. You’re so creative! I love the entire room; coordinating the pillow to the table was genius!

  5. Karen Bialek

    I love your table! I’d like to do this with an antique serving tray I own (but don’t use because it’s so scratched). I don’t want to refinish the original so the idea of the marbles sounds like a great idea. Question: doesn’t the uneven surface of the marbles make the table useless as far as being able to put glasses or plates on it?

  6. Bri

    I love the table, and the couch! I’m looking for a couch just that style, do you remember where you got it?

  7. kaliflamex

    OMG — you just solved by problem! This is GORGEOUS and so creative and fun. I bought a gold/bamboo chinoiserie style coffee table that has a gold base and black top with a bird painted on it (ewe!), but it’s an antique I got for a steal and so I HAD to BUY it and then figure out how to change the top without painting the top and ruining the integrity of the piece. Who knew marbles would be my solution. I’m Googling those gems right now so I can start right away. Thank you thank you thank you!

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  9. Anna @ Gone Banannas

    Yes. YES! I am into this hard, Whit!

  10. Very cool and creative! I also like to make mosaics and with different materials than the usual. Great job!

  11. Wow, very impressive. Can’t imagine that after putting that all. Wow, look so great. Very creative.

  12. OBSESSED!!!!!! I’m like, scrubbing my eyes here trying to figure out how you went from A to B. Such vision! Really really love it and can’t wait to read how you pulled it off! I basically want to live in that room, it’s so beautiful! Also, I still haven’t found a buffet, which I was reminded of when I saw your green one!

  13. wow, super creative!!! I never would have thought to use marbles!

  14. Marian

    Beautiful! Love it!!

  15. Awesome, I love how this turned out! You will have to let us know if the vase sits as nicely as it appears to in this photo. ~Diane

  16. What a great makeover! Looks great in your room!

  17. I love it! It looks absolutely fantastic! Great choice!

  18. Amy

    That’s gorgeous! What a difference!

  19. This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing how you went about creating this, as I’d love to make one, too! I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me at Hoyby Crafts.

  20. What a great idea Whitney…just beautiful!! Looks great in the room. and what a cliff hanger post!…anxiously awaiting to hear your “secret”….
    Have a wonderful weekend…

  21. Whitney!!!!!! This is just beyond fab. Love it girl. And you sneaky girl keeping secrets from us!!!! Please tell!

  22. How beautiful!! I’m so glad hubby helped! I love the hues of blue/green with the gold =)

  23. Very cool! I absolutely LOVE how it ties the blue and green pieces together! Great idea!

  24. Nattie N

    What a happy table!! Love it and great job!

  25. LOVE it!! Perfect with the gold paint… kudos, Whitney!!
    xo Heidi

  26. Cara

    You nailed it!!! I have been excited to see what you chose. Awesome, fun, eclectic, classy! Thanks for sharing.

  27. HOLY SMOKES talk about a totally different route. I love it though and it ties in beautifully!

  28. Oh wow, what a cool solution! And no watermarks, ever. So smart, so pretty!!