Funky Ideas for a Coffee Table

You guys amaze me!  Yesterday I showed you this pin as a hint to what I’m planning on doing in my coffee table makeover:


Several of you mentioned using fabric to cover the top of my coffee table.  Well, they don’t say “great minds think alike” for nothing!  Look what I bought:

How crazy is that?!  I bought a yard of navy and leopard fabric because I wasn’t sure the route I wanted to take.  (And let’s be honest, I’m still not 100% sure!)  Either way, my idea is to mod-podge it to the top of my sad sad coffee table top.

I’m leaning towards leopard over navy.  I would love to go out of my comfort zone a bit and be bold!!  But then again, now that I’ve got them both home, I’m wondering if magenta is calling my name.  Oh, decisions, decisions!

I laid the fabric out and pulled it tight over the table, and no sign of a water mark is present!!

Remember how indecisive I am?  I would love your opinions!– I want this room to be eclectic and fun, but do you think the leopard will be too busy with the cowhide rug underneath?  I’m thinking it will look tacky?  The picture I pinned has a lot more pink, so perhaps magenta is the way to go?!  Be honest!  How the heck do designers pull it off and make it look so easy?!

Tracing it perfectly to shape and then attaching it to my table will be tricky.

Stay tuned friends.  I’ll be sure to document the whole process! And don’t forget to comment with your opinions/ideas!

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34 responses to Funky Ideas for a Coffee Table

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  2. Anna @ Gone Banannas

    I’m really digging the gold/magenta match up! I think that would look great with the rug! But, it looks like you already finished be project, so I’m sure whatever you picked loos great!

  3. I have to vote leopard with gold, and yay for modge podge!!

  4. Oooh, magenta would be AWESOME. EIther way, I love where you are going with this!

  5. Cara

    Hahaha!, sounds like me. Sometimes I know what I want but I cannot tell you what I want. Sometimes when I finally see it I know it is exacly what I was looking for. (Say they three times without getting confused, haha). Your heart will lead you to the end :)

  6. I think either would look great! But I think the magenta was really calling my name too! ;)

  7. I think either will look good! Magenta could as well?? If it were me, I’d just go with my favorite and not worry too much about which “goes” best. You can always move stuff around to fix that :) . Good luck!

  8. OMG Whitney I am OBSESSED with the gold and leopard! As in I it doesn’t work out for you maybe I’d pay you to ship it to California ;) or I’ll just make one of my own. Time I go thriftiness to find the perfect table!!

    Oh – and definitely make a pattern with a large piece of paper and cut the fabric using that. It’d make your life much easier.

  9. i would do a solid color if you are keeping that rug under there (which you should!) you dont want too much clash!

  10. Cara

    If the leopard chair and pink dresser is going in the same room then I would choose to level the top and paint gloss black. Where is your heart leading you?

  11. Designers DO make it look easy, don’t they? I vote magenta and then maybe make the leopard into a smaller accent pillow! My second vote would be the leopard!

  12. I think the leopard will be fine because it has similar tones to the gold (at least in the photo) and it doesn’t look like it clashes with the rug. My vote is still on navy though. It’ll be classic and you’ll be able to accessorize the coffee table to brighten it up!

  13. I vote for the navy, but you should find a way to use the leopard when you decorate it, like cover a book or box with it and put it on top. I’m sure it will be awesome either way!! Fun project to follow along with, Whitney!
    xo Heidi

  14. I take my comment back – haha. I didn’t notice that the picture actually had the rug underneath! I was thinking it looked completely different – I like the leopard with it!

  15. I’d say go with magenta! I think it will look great with the gold & the cowhide road. The navy would be too… “blah” I think, if you want a vibrant room! And I think the leopard would clash a bit. But then again, it’s your space, do what you want!

  16. I actually like the leopard and cowprint together… its because of the pattern on the cowhide, its more subtle. I say go for it!!
    (You can always live with it for a bit and try magenta down the line if its too much pattern!)

  17. Yes Yes
    I like the rug and the leopard together… I say go for it!

    But then again I have no idea what my taste is and it’s probably tacky…oh well ;)