Mr. Handy Pants

I’ve kind of been bouncing all over lately, but remember when I talked about getting our electrical updated?  Yeah, so we did that.  True DIY style.  So here’s the deal:  all we knew was that 3 outlets in the kitchen, 2 in the dining nook, and one in the living room weren’t working!

We really didn’t know what we were doing, but John started flipping switches on the breaker panel while I stood in the kitchen and yelled out things like, “Microwave is off!  …Now the fridge is off!….” until we figured out which switches needed flipped so we could mess with the outlets in the kitchen without getting electrocuted (hah!)  We decided to wing it and buy a new GFCI outlet, hoping maayyybe that would do the trick.

How’s that for cheesy? You think I could try out for The Price is Right girls?  Nah, I’d have a hard time acting like I adored Drain-O.  Or something.  And besides, Bob Barker is gone now anyway.  It’s just not the same.

Sorry, anyway, we started off taking apart this outlet on the kitchen wall:

Turns out it had gone bad.  Something about the “reset” button got pushed too many times– I have no clue who could’ve done thattttt. ;)  Yeah, remember this the next time you trip the switch with your hairdryer- Only press the reset button once!

Mr. Handy Pants scoops in and saves the day.

He replaced the $14 outlet and butta-bing-butta-boom! The other two outlets on that wall magically started working again.  And so did the two outlets in the dining nook as well as the outlet on the living room.  Which means they were all protected by that one special GFCI outlet.  Talk about hitting the nail on the head.  If there’s one place you want functioning outlets, it’s definitely the kitchen.  Oh, and the bathroom.  You know, for the hairdryer issue. ;)  Now I can put the toaster oven back where I want it.  Holla!

So the verdict is John saved us a bunch of money because the electricians were going to charge somewhere around $75/hour to troubleshoot the outlets and figure out which ones were broken, then replace them and charge us for that, and you get the picture…..

I love him. :)

p.s. We DID, however, hire an electrician to install those big bad globe lights in the dining nook. Pictures coming soon, friends.

p.p.s.  Are your kitchen cabinets in need of updated knobs?  What about your bedroom furniture?   We’re giving away two $50 gift cards to D. Lawless Hardware and it ends today!!  Go enter now!

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22 responses to Mr. Handy Pants

  1. yay for handy hubbies! They are worth their weight in gold fo sho.

  2. Marian

    Way to go sonshines!

  3. Way to tackle it yourself! We have definitely done the “lights are off in the dining room!! No, that’s the microwave!” thing, lol. Maybe we need to label the fuses ;)

  4. Yay for easy fixes!! Great idea to try just fixing that one outlet!

  5. haha i can picture you yelling which appliances are on or off

    • Haha it was pretty ridiculous! Then after we had everything off, we were both crammed underneath the upper cabinets with a flashlight trying to see what we were doing! :)

  6. Love men who can do electrical! We are lucky :) . Can’t wait to see your globe lights!

  7. Yay for easy, and inexpensive, fixes! Woohoooo!

    PS-I had no idea you could push the reset too many times. Good to know! ;)

    • Whooo hooo is right!! I know…one of the electricians who gave us a quote mentioned it so we did a little research and we were hoping that was the case. Luckily, all we needed was a new outlet! :)

  8. Oh that Mr. Handy Pants to the rescue again!!!….good for him…great troubleshooting!!…Have a great week you two!

  9. I had no idea you could hit the ‘reset’ button too many times! Good thing I no longer live at home (three girls trying to dry their hair was NEVER).

  10. Fabulous! I love it when things turn out to be that easy!

  11. You blow dry your hair in the kitchen?? :) . I love when a problem is miraculously fixed on the first try! It always seems to happen with my husband too :) .