Nailhead Trim and Cowhide Rugs

I hope you guys aren’t getting bored with all my recent posts about the front room.  There are so many fun things going down in hurr, so let’s discuss.  :)

If you’re new at Drab to Fab (Welcome!), below is the mood board I created for this room.  Take note of the semi-boring but still attractive loveseat.  Good, but not great.

Well, we spent a little more on a loveseat than what we had planned.  The normal questions arose….Is it versatile?  Will we still like it in 5 years?  Is it made well?  Does it have good reviews?  Is the material going to show dirt/stains?

After reading as many reviews as we could find, we took the plunge!

The winning question was, “Would we rather have one we love and spend a couple hundred more or one that we like and save some dinero?”  We chose the LOVE option.

Link here.

Nail head trim makes me as giddy as a 6th grade girl at a school dance!  And Home Decorators Gordon Tufted loveseat did not disappoint!

Seriously though. 

Here she is in our front room.  The coffee table (that will go in front) is currently in the garage undergoing its makeover.  It was a $40 Craigslist find.  Whoop whoop!

We also snagged this genuine cowhide rug off eBay for 200 beans.  Gotta love ebay.  We went with one that 1) is tricolor and not the typical spotted look, 2) goes with everything, and 3) hides the pup’s hair.

Here are a couple progress shots of this room:

It’s nowhere near done.  The walls are looking pretty naked.  The newly madeover buffet makes me smile though.  And progress is progress, people!

We are still deciding what we want on the wall behind the buffet.  Those botanical prints are only temporary.  We’ll do something creative, no doubt.

A quick trip down memory lane for ya–

When we moved in:

Then we painted and added wainscotting:

But it just wasn’t feeling right.  You live and learn.  And our style evolved.

Dude, we got it right this time.  I’m a happy girl. :)

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47 responses to Nailhead Trim and Cowhide Rugs

  1. Christina

    Hey! I’m researching this love seat right now. (Actually looking at buying the sofa.) A year later, do you still love it?

    Also, I went to your homepage after running across this posting. Congrats on the HGTV show! I live in Waco, TX where we’re considering doing the show Fixer Upper. :)

    • Hi Christina! I can say that YES I still love it after a year! I do recommend using back pillows because the back is a little stiff but with pillows its perfect. Thank you!! We are really excited for it to air! I love Fixer Upper! That show always gets my wheels turning! :)

  2. That loveseat is awesome!!! And I’m loving the green of that buffet! You definitely got it right!

  3. Oh my! That was an amazing find on Craigslist!!!! I am off to look on their, right now as I type, lol!!!! Just beautiful :)

  4. The nail head sofa is beautiful! I would have to splurge on that one too. There’s no doubt you will still love it in 5 or 25 years. For our living room I went with sofas that I loved and now almost ten years down the road I am still loving them and they haven’t shown much wear and tear either. I love how your living room is coming together.

  5. I love your sitting room! It looks fantastic. I feel like I’ve missed so much. I’m off to read through your last 3 months of posts! Haha.

  6. You KNOW how I feel about cowhides… but next to that green? Perfection.

  7. That love seat is adorable! Looking good!

  8. Thank you so much Kristen!

  9. Marian

    Sweet!! Almost as beautiful as you!

  10. You SOOO got it right! As I was reading, i was saying in my head – get the pretty nailhead one, get the pretty nailhead one! I’m so glad you did, i am DROOLING over that loveseat! BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Looking good! I absolutely love the love seat! It looks amazing! Can’t go wrong with nailhead trim!

  12. holy crap, that sofa made ME giddy! It is puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrfect. Love love love so much about it, the tufted is great, the nailhead is bomb, BUT THE LEGS? I can’t tell if they’re castors or what, but i love how they end so slim. The buffet & rug look so good, too. I like the lemons on it, looks great against the green. I just got way too excited about this room, haha

    • Haha your comment made me smile! Yes those are casters on the feet of the loveseat. I feel like I overuse lemons in my accents bc I’ve just got so dang many! But thank you, I’m glad you like them!!

  13. Beautiful! I love the nailhead trim. Reminds me of our new sofa, and I love that thing ;) Great find on the rug. The room has really come together well!

  14. It looks amazing! The mix of the loveseat/chairs with the cowhide and bright green is fresh and fun. You definitely got it right, dude. ;)

  15. LOOK how pretty you are in your pretty front room :) love it. and love that couch.

    haha i feel like you a designed on HGTV posing for your reveal episode or something. love it/

  16. I love the way this space is turning out. That’s a beautiful couch!

  17. Ohhhh, you were SO smart spending a little more and getting what you love versus trying to save and getting something you were luke warm on. The nailheads make me super happy and they aren’t even mine! I l-o-v-e nailheads!! It’s all really coming together…and it looks fab! Great job, Whitney! :)

  18. I am overly into nailhead trim. I think its makes everything look that much cooler. This couch looks so awesome! And I can totally relate to the never ending clean up of puppy hair. It drives me bananas!

  19. And you should be a happy girl as the room is gorgeous!!….When I saw the last pic, it reminded me a furniture ad with a pretty model in it!!!!…Great job you two….and yes, always go for what you love…you will be happier in the end!!

  20. Okay, I’m officially in love with you. Hopefully that doesn’t creep you out. This is AMAZING. I mean, you know how I feel about cowhide rugs, but that nailhead trimmed couch just pushes it over the edge!! Don’t be scared if I come hang out in there unannounced ;) .

  21. Oooh how gorgeous! Did you add the “EH” in the corner of the “boring” loveseat? So funny because us Canadians say eh all the time, eh? But for evoking a ho-hum response or a so-so one… we say “meh”…
    Also! Do you have a link to your RSS feed? I signed up to get your posts via email (at work! shh!) but I only get the first couple lines of your post then have to click to open it up, which is much less inconspicuous! Not a big deal, just curious!
    PS. “in hurr” made me literally LOL. Love it!

    • Your comment just made me laugh! No, I didn’t add the EH but that’s hilarious! I think if you click the ‘subscribe by feedburner’ my rss feed is in there. If not, I think I can mess with the email settings so it’ll display the whole post in the email. I’ll play around with it! :)

  22. That love seat WOW!
    And in case you didn’t know (because i haven’t said this 1 meeeeelion times) I love that buffet!

  23. That loveseat is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously love it. Can’t wait to see more progress!

  24. What a great cowhide…love how unique it is! Your space is coming together beautifully, Whitney. Can’t wait to see you work your magic on the coffee table.