Eatin’ with Edison

If you’ve been following us for the past few months, you know we have done a ton to make our dining room feel more us!  We got rid of the tan paint, added custom moulding, refinished a Craigslist dining table and chairs, then made a fun little gallery wall.  Whew!  Last but not least, we bought new lights for the dining room.   For about 3 months now, they’ve been chilling in one of the spare guest rooms, just waiting for the chance to shine.  Well, guess what?!  We finally got those beauties hung, and I think we can call this space complete.  :)

We are IN LOVE with them.  Adios boob light.  Hello globe lights (from West Elm).  Link here.

Lighting is one of those things that doesn’t seem to be all that important, at first.  We lived with this boob light for awhile.  Can you believe our dining room looked like this at one point in time?

Anyway, it just didn’t make sense to leave it with all the other aforementioned updates we’ve done, including getting the floors refinished!

The lights grab our attention in all the right ways.  :)

They are literally like the cherry on top!  You know, if our dining room was an ice cream sundae.   Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.

We bought 60-watt vintage Edison bulbs from Lowe’s to complete the look.  They aren’t cheap, at $9 each, but the added effect is just so dreamy that we think they are definitely worth the splurge.

Dinner is a whole new experience now.  The lighting is so romantic.  It’s the perfect glow for this space.

The new lights are one of our favorite updates in the whole house.

You know it wouldn’t be complete without a before and after:

You’ll get the rest of the scoop behind these globe lights soon…let’s just say that if you like them, you better stay tuned! ;)

p.s. Google Reader will be checking out of the “reader” platform soon.  I’ll do a little post on this, but in the meantime, Follow my blog with Bloglovin.  :)

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40 responses to Eatin’ with Edison

  1. This is so great! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m literally half-way through my dining table redo and this is just what I needed.

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  3. I love your style SO much. I love that you did two lights instead of one and also – how the heck did you take a picture that showed the pretty light it casts?! That is impossible to do!

  4. Love the lights! They are amazing! And your dining room looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Love those globe lights and the classic bulbs are sweet!

  6. WHITNEY!!!! I am in awe of these lights! I would have never thought of them, yet they look so clean, modern and fresh. bravo :)

  7. Marian


  8. Lyndsay @ that 70s house

    OMG Whitney I LOVE THEM!!!! I have been lusting over these lights forever and they look amazing in your space! You took your room from boring to seriously awesome…it doesn’t even look like the same house!

  9. Love your new light fixtures – soooooooo much better than the boob light! Who invented those silly things anyway?! Your whole dining room looks great – love the wall colour and the wainscoting.

    I need to get me some Edison bulbs….

  10. Beautiful! The room looks great without the boob ;) Love those globes!

  11. LOVE THESE!!! So classic and pretty. Beautiful!

    I hope it’s a giveaway!! haha

  12. These are the bomb-diggety!! I love that you chose to do two instead of one chandelier/fixture. How do you get anything done? I’d be hanging out in the dining room all the time! lol!
    xo Heidi

  13. GORGEOUS. just gorgeous. they really make that space.

    and realllly you are going to leave us hanging!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! In the words of the fabulous Giuliana Rancic…those are amazeballs!! ;)

  15. Is that the same room???….Just beautiful Whitney…you and John did a fantastic job…You two have definitely taken it from “Drab to Fab”!!!…

  16. Love them… we are in the process of picking our lights for the house. There are so many out there, it’s frustrating. Good choice… buh bye b00b light. (my husband calls them that too).

  17. Love them! Great move to go with 2!

  18. I’ve always wondered if they’re every too bright – seeing as the bulb isn’t covered by a shade – but I loveeee the way they look. So classic.

  19. OOOOO!!!! I like them a LOT! They are absolutely perfect in that space. And what’s this? An element of suspense? Do tell!

  20. Wowzers! New light fixtures make such a difference! You’ll be wanting to make more than eggs and toast for dinner now ;) .