Guest Bath Reveal

Dear all our previous house guests,

We’re really sorry for blinding your eyes the way we did.  We promise we didn’t do it on purpose.  You see, there are a lot of other projects that have been keeping us busy.  However, it’s still no excuse for this:

We know, we know, even without the light on (or the flash) it was way too umm, what’s the word? Overwhelming?

You probably wanted to tell us how awful it looked in there, but thanks for being so kind.  We knew it was in dire need of a makeover.

But we have good news.  That little way-too-bright bathroom finally got the makeover of its dreams. Well, maybe not its dreams.  But we think you’ll find the space to be easier on the eyes.

As you can see, we are pretty excited with the way it turned out!

You have some decent shelves to put stuff on now.

We went ahead and added that sweet tile to the shower too.

And here’s a close-up for ya:

Ahhh, so much better.

Come on over!

Tile: Lowes- $10.98 sq. ft.  Link here.

Items on Shelves:

  1. Mosaic Hurricane from Kohl’s.  Similar style
  2. Framed Keys- see how we did this project here!
  3. Jar for cotton balls-  Thrift store
  4. White Frame-  Gift.  Similar style frame
  5. Word “Love” in Frame-  cut out of a wedding card we received!  :)
  6. Glass Jar Top Shelf-  Paula Deen Candle in its previous life
  7. Longaberger basket- Gift.  Similar style

You can also read up on how we made the rustic shelves and towel rack.  What do you think of the makeover?!

I’m linking up this project!

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40 responses to Guest Bath Reveal

  1. The color of the marble that you chose changed everything. It made the bathroom look more classy. Its simplicity made it more beautiful and unique. This bathroom makes over really is the best to apply for your next bathroom remodeling.

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  3. It’s beautiful! I love the “Love” frame from a wedding card; how cool! Now your guests won’t want to leave ;)

  4. I think my jaw dropped open when I saw that tile, Whitney! What an amazing update! Beautifully done. :)
    xo Heidi

  5. It looks amazing and I cracked up when I saw John’s face – haha!

  6. ooo soo soo pretty and LOL at your husbands face in the mirror!!

  7. Grace

    Looks great! I love johns head poking through in the one picture :)

  8. Oh my, so so lovely!!! I love the colors and especially the tile. I’ll be over tomorrow! :-)

  9. Wow…you guys did a great job…love the stone and glass tiles…and what are those shelves made of…it looks a bit like driftwood….they are fantastic…Great wall color too!!….I am sure the two of you are so pleased and proud of your great accomplishment! You should be!

    • The shelves are made from pieces of our previous back deck. We beat the boards up and gave them a few wisps of white paint, then sanded them a little and they look like driftwood now! I love that we didn’t spend hardly any money. :)

  10. Love the new look! That tile border is gorgeous and the paint accents it so nicely! Such an improvement!

  11. It looks great Whitney! I love how you used what you had and just made it work and made it 1,000 times better!

    The shelves are definitely my favorite! :)

  12. Looks great!! The tile is a fun touch, and I love the human pictures of you and John caught in the mirror! Did you add texture to the walls or is that just the lighting? I can’t see it in the before.

    • The texture on the walls kinda’ drives us crazy, but it wasn’t really worth it to us to get rid of it. In certain pictures it definitely looks more apparent, but you could see it in real life when the walls were bright yellow.

  13. SO much better! You guys did a fantastic job! :)

  14. Wow! Looks great! Love the tile and the paint color especially. The rustic towel hook piece is brilliant! Nicely done!

  15. It’s so nice in there, now! I love the color on the walls and the tile border (although those shelves are wonderful, too!).

  16. Great job, Whitney! Cute way to present this post, too.

  17. Hahaha! Great picture of John! And fantastic make over! The wall color is beautiful and you already know how I feel about those shelves. Tell me more about your shower curtain. It almost looks like sweater material in the picture and if that is the case, I WANT one!

  18. The tile border is such a good idea!! Looks great!

  19. What a transformation! It looks great and I love how you used the tile as a border.

  20. Looks great! I love the tile accent..