The holidays came and went, and I never mentioned anything I got for Christmas!  John and I both have December birthdays, so that month tends to be one big celebration.

I had been dying for a cute crossbody bag for quite a while.   I love that they’re so easy- you just throw it on and don’t have to think about it.  Well, I have A TON to be thankful for!   This season left me with four new bags, and I am feeling so grateful and blessed.

Up first, this casual weekender crossbody.  The leather is so soft and it matches almost everything.  John gave this to me on our trip to Savannah, GA during the holidays.  I was in the dressing room at Red Clover, which is an adorable shop in the historic district of Savannah, and he sneakily (is that a word?) purchased this without me knowing.

The label inside makes me smile.

I didn’t end up buying any clothes, but when I got out of the dressing room I fell in love with this black and gold bag (and obviously didn’t know John had just purchased one for me!)

It’s perfect for a night out.

I think the inventory at Red Clover constantly changes because I couldn’t find these bags online, but here are links to very similar ones in the $20-$40 price range.

Roxy Fast Train Cross Body, Tan
Black Quilted Crossbody W/ Metal Chain Strap

Next up, my sister got me this adorable rose gold and bone colored envelope clutch for my birthday.

I feel slightly sophisticated carrying it, and totally dig that it’s oversized. :)

I LOVE IT!  Link here.

Last but not least, my mom got me a darling cream colored crossbody from Francesca’s.  Their accessories are killer!

It’s simply chic and the floral print inside makes me happy.

It looks like Francesca’s no longer carries this one, but here is one that is almost identical.

My family knows me too well!  Thank you so much, guys!  xo.

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9 responses to Bagapalooza!

  1. Oh, those are fantastic!! Love the first especially. :)

  2. Cute bags! And Francesca’s definitely has some great accessories (I love their jewelry)!!

  3. i am a bag lady too. so many but i love them all!! those are adorable I especially love the first one your hubs got you. i need a casual one like that!

  4. Those are cute bags! I need to get some more small/cute ones because mine are all huge hippie bags!

  5. Pretty bags. Kevin got me a beautiful purse and Kate Spade wallet for my birthday; I love it so much =) Francesca’s is awesome! I haven’t been there in a while, and now I really want to go!

  6. Ahhhh, those are all sooo cute! Great job family! ;)

  7. Ooh what an awesome collection! I have a grey crossbody and a yellow one…. but feel the itch for more!!

  8. Ah, I’ve collected crossbody bags since I was little. I got a new one every year to take my lunch to school in starting in about third grade. I even have a few antiques :) . I currently use a bag that looks a lot like your first one, but it’s grey. My sister gave it to me for Christmas :) .