Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Hey friends, thanks so much for popping in today.  I’ve got a lot on my mind, so I thought I’d share.  This is one of those personal entries, so if you’re wanting home decor stuff, you may want to skip this one.

The truth is:  We aren’t rich.  We don’t come from families where birthday gifts are cars or better yet, boob jobs.  Whoa did I just say that?  Hand-me-downs are cool with us.  We don’t have oogles of money to blow any way we feel like.  Crap, we don’t have oogles of money period.  And we probably never will.

But (yes, there’s always a but) we work hard and we are nice to people.  At least we try our hardest to be.  Have you ever seen this?


This is our saying!  This is what we live by!  We love this because both parts of this phrase are done by choice.  Is this the key to success?  We think so!  Actually, there are a couple other sayings that we hold near and dear, but that’s for another day.  I didn’t even know it was so popular, but it’s nice to see so many other people who have the same values.

The reason for my rambling is not to tell you how perfect we are, because believe you me, we screw up everyday.  But we really believe in this saying.

Why, you ask?

Past Experiences Socially-  Remember when I talked about bullying?  My adolescent years could have come straight out of a movie:  Girl is friends with popular girls.  Popular girls are mean to girl.  Girl cries and has no friends.  Girl realizes she doesn’t want mean girls as friends anyway.  Girl finds herself, makes new friends, and becomes the woman she aspires to be.   Obviously we never forget our teenage years, but instead of looking back and thinking horrible negative thoughts, now I can look at that experience and think, “I never want to treat people like that!”   I want to be nice to people.  And sometimes it’s still hard work not to be bitter about those rough times, but if I choose to be nice (even to the people who were mean), I will feel so much better about myself.  Always.  It will get me further.  It never feels good to be mean.

Past Experiences on the Job-  Often times John and I reflect on where we are (in our careers) today.  Overall, we’re pretty happy with what we’ve accomplished so far.  More so though, we talk about what has gotten us where we are.  Time and time again we tend to go back to the values that we learned because we started working when we were fairly young.   We had our first jobs at ages 14 (John) and 15 (me).  We worked because we wanted to buy our own stuff.  Obviously, we weren’t thinking, “Oh I want to be an established grown up!”….it was more like, “I want to drive a car when I turn 16, so I’m going to work to pay for it.”  Nothing was handed to us on a silver platter, so we learned how good it feels to earn a paycheck.    It taught us the value of hard work.  Not only that, but when you have a boss and coworkers, being nice is expected.  No one likes an employee with an attitude.

Past Experiences at Home- Last but certainly not least, our parents and families are amazing examples of how hard work pays off.  Growing up, we watched them go to work, come home, make dinner, work in the yard, etc.  It’s all hard work.  We watched them interact with people, and it doesn’t take long to learn that being nice gets you farther than being mean.

So far in our lives, both socially and professionally, this saying seems to hold true.  So we’ll continue to live by it. :)

Our opinions might differ from yours, and that’s okay.  Share your thoughts in the comment section, but please… be nice.  Hehe!  ;)

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28 responses to Work Hard and Be Nice to People

  1. I love that sign! And I enjoyed reading this post. Glad to know you are such a down to earth and kind person! I had a friend who’s daddy bought her breast implants at the age of 32…um…yeah…we aren’t friends anymore!!

  2. Marian

    You were great kids and now you are awesome young adults. I praise The Lord for you today! Keep up the hard work and being nice to people; keep giving your time to each other in love. You are an example to many! Love you!

  3. Agreed, girlfriend. Kill ‘em with kindness!! ;)

  4. The best thing?? It’s OBVIOUS that this is what you believe!

  5. It’s really pretty simple, isn’t it? And I’ve always felt that if I raise my kids to work hard and be nice to people, I’ve been a pretty darn good parent. Two things that will take them a long way in life… good for you, my dear!
    xo Heidi

  6. I agree with Rachel- your blog oozes this idea and you really do just come off as being super nice!! I had some hard times in public school too so I can empathize. It makes you who you are though and I think we’re likely better people for it. This is a great mantra to live by.

  7. Your blog pretty much oozes this– You just give off that ‘nice’, sunshiney vibe. It’s pretty rad.

  8. This was an awesome post! I hear you on the HS bs, and unfortunately, some of that followed me into my college as well. But going through all that made me who I am, and made me realize how I did NOT want to be.

    I love the saying you guys live by…and I think I’m going to adopt it as one of my mantras {I have a few…the biggest one being “everything happens for a reason”}. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • Oh man! Luckily, college was my saving grace! Glad you made it out and now you’re much better off because of it too! Funny how that works, isn’t it?! But yes that motto is another one I find myself quoting!

  9. Amen SISTA!!
    Sorry you went through stuff in High School but the good news that stuff is behind you. You look like you are on track with your life and have a wonderful husband. I am a believer no one get a free pass in life. If you had a tough childhood I hope your adulthood is easy. If you have an easy childhood it’s likely you will have hard times when your older. I also feel Karma plays into things too!

    Basically life is hard and full of lessons so your motto work hard and be nice is a great one to live by. Adulthood is much longer than childhood so consider yourself lucky to have gone through hard times early because if I am right, you adulthood years will be awesome! : )

    • I hope you’re right! I think Karma plays into things too. That’s why it’s better just to be nice all the time, then you don’t have to watch your back! But yes, we are always learning and growing, and I hope the worst is over!

  10. ARGH! I’ve been having trouble getting my posts to go through lately. Basically I said, “Right on. You’re awesome. I want to be more awesome in the future too.” Good post. :)

  11. When I was growing up in a large family…birthdays were just a cake made by my mom…and we loved it…My mom and dad always instilled in us kids that if you work hard, and you are honest and generous to those in need, everything else falls into place…My dad is with the angels now…my mom lives with my no inheritance…just inheriting the wonderful morals and the true meaning of life that they taught us…We are now blessed with the benefits of working very hard all our lives…Knowing you and John, your attitude will make you go farther…and happier in life…We live in a society of “gotta have it now”…I remember so many, many years ago…how long we lived with hand me down furniture…one car…we look back and realize that those were great times…I was the queen of re-purpose..making curtains from sheets…painting old furniture…
    You two are “real”…and I am so happy to know that there are young people out there like you…working hard..caring about others more than themselves…
    Great post Whitney!!

  12. I like the saying… and I do wish I could say I live by it.

    I CAN say I do work hard, but sometimes it is hard to be nice to people that DO NOT deserve it. I will continue to try though. I might just die trying, but I suppose it’s worth a shot.

  13. i like that quote too. we are hard workers in our family too. we are paying for everything. this land was not given to us. this house has a hefty mortgage. I do look at others who have things given to them sometimes in jealousy, but we are sure proud to say it’s ours because we’ve worked for it!

  14. “Work hard and be nice to people”…I like that! Those are words to live by. Always. I do the best I can. I know what it is like to have to work hard…nothing was ever given to me for free. It feels good too. I’m proud of myself. You should be too! I know you are.

    I don’t care if you never write another house post again! I’ll keep coming back.