So how about that break?!

Yes, I needed one!  Life gets crazy and as much as I hate it, sometimes it’s just too much to ask to keep up with my normal blogging schedule.  But I’m back and couldn’t be more excited!

Without going into crazy detail, I’ll be giving you a recap of the things we’ve been up to from the time of my last post.  (Not all in today’s post though!)

1.  After 3 years, we finally went on a honeymoon to Mexico (the week of Thanksgiving)!  Believe it or not, I found this place on Groupon Getaways and it was AWESOME!  I was a little leery about purchasing a vacation package on Groupon, as most of our purchases have been for restaurants up until now.  But seeing as how Groupon backs the businesses they represent, we figured it would be fine (and we read a ton of reviews of this place before we hit the “Purchase” button!)

We wanted something out of the ordinary, and this was just that!  A small boat ride led us from the dock in Puerto Vallarta to our resort.

Our resort’s capacity is only 30 people, and our “room” was a casita, also known as a small house/hut.  No windows, just open air and the sound of the ocean.  The details in craftsmanship were amazing.

There were only 8 casitas on the island, so lots of privacy and personal attention.  I mean who doesn’t like being treated like royalty?! We had a gorgeous Thanksgiving dinner with all the guests on the resort.

We scored an awesome vacation at literally half the normal price, thanks to Groupon. Which really helped out when considering that we came home and wrote a check for…….


2.  While we were away, we moved all our furniture into the garage.  The handy dandy floor crew got busy on our floors- sanding, staining, and polying.  I’m so glad we decided to hire this one out.  Otherwise, it probably would’ve taken us 3.25 more years to get them all done.  And I was over it.  The color isn’t quite as dark as what we were expecting, but it’s grown on us and now we love it.  Also, due to the fact that our dog is white, that might not have been the best combination with extremely dark floors.

(I took the photos a few weeks ago so that’s what the Christmas decor is all about.)

And to refresh your memory of the orange color we had before:

A million times better. :)

3.   And then Christmas came around.  We bought ourselves an Australian sheepskin rug from Overland.  Boring right???  WRONG!  This rug is amazing.  Seriously.  As John likes to say, “I want that sheepskin on my feetskin.”  He’s got rhymes, let me tell you.  I know not everyone is down with having real fur around, but please don’t judge us for choosing to go for it.

It’s a glorious feeling to wake up and step on this in the morning.  These rugs are truly a treat.  They are made in a few different shades and even come with a brush to comb it out.  We love the curves, but there are all kinds of different shapes they’re made in.  However, they’re not exactly cheap…this style ran us $180.  So the pup is not allowed on it.  (Except the other day when all three of us decided to have a snugglefest on the rug).   Ooops, oh well!  It’s that soft.

Anyway, we have a ton of other projects that have taken place at the house, like redoing our master bath, redoing the guest bath, buying a couple other rugs and some major Craigslist/Goodwill scores, along with a lot of cute little crafty projects.  I can’t wait to share them.  Sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long.  I’m back!

Oh and Overland didn’t pay us or give us any free stuff for this shout out.  Happy Monday!

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41 responses to So how about that break?!

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  2. Yay for your honeymoon – so glad you two had a wonderful time!

    Welcome back :)

  3. Hooray for your honeymoon! So glad to hear the Groupon worked out, I’m always so curious/tempted by them for their trips. Also, love love love the new floor color. Looks so great!

  4. Welcome back!!! I missed youuuuu!!!

    1) Congrats on the honeymoon – it looks amazing! And you two are magazine worthy gorgeous. Both of you’s.
    2) As an owner of extremely dark wood floors, and a giant white doggie… you did the right thing. My floors are clean for approximately 8 seconds out of each month.
    3) Real fur. Yup.


    • Thank you, I missed you tooooo! And whoah..I think you went a little overboard with the magazine worthy comment, but thank you :) I love that you just wrote “you’s” too; kansas thing?! Glad to know we picked a good stain, but I still LOVE your dark floors, even if there are sightings of Bill on every square foot. :)

  5. Your floors look fabulous! I love them!

    And welcome back! Missed you! :)

  6. You’re back!!! Missed you <3!!

    LOVE the floors, they look amazing! And that resort looks absolutely incredible. Not to mention that you two should be models on their brochure…adorable!! So glad you finally made it to a honeymoon trip, so exciting!!!

  7. So glad you are back! I am glad you had a great break. Its cool to see that your groupon getaway turned out nice….I have always been hesitant to purchase any!! I LOVE your floors!!! Yeah!!!

  8. I was wondering what happened to you girl! I am glad you had a nice break. and flipping awesome vaca!! more pics and more deets…i might need to go there!!

    floors look FAB. and that rug. drool…

  9. I was wondering what happened to you girl! I am glad you had a nice break. and flipping awesome vaca!! more pics and more deets…i might need to go there!!

    floors look FAB. and that rug. drool.

  10. Welcome back! The trip to Mexico looked lovely! It reminded me of our honeymoon in Costa Rica. The floors look great too — much better than that orange!

  11. Glad you are back! Sounds like you had a wonderful break! That resort looks awesome!! And I love the floors; definitely an improvement =)

  12. Yay — welcome back!! I missed you, girl! So glad y’all had a getaway — and what a spectacular place. The floors look awesome… what a relief to have such a big project completed. Happy New Year, Whitney!
    xo Heidi

  13. Welcome back Whitney…your “belated Honeymoon” looked amazing!…and so glad that your floors are done…they look fantastic and I think the shade is perfect…especially as you say, when you have a pet….Looking forward to seeing your many other projects…and again Welcome Back!!!..oh, the dining room and the set are beautiful!!

  14. So glad you’re back!! That vacation looks amazing!!! So glad you were able to have a honeymoon : )

    Your floors are gorgeous too! I think that tone is perfect- especially for having a white dog!

    • Thanks Christine! I think the stain is perfect too…I can’t imagine how our fur baby’s white hair would look on a super dark floor. Everything happens for a reason! :)

  15. I thought for sure that this was a pregnancy post, so many people disappeared and then came back within the last week to announce their pregnancies – crazy!

    But that vacation looks absolutely amazing! And so private.
    & your floors are looking fantastic!

  16. Wow! The floors look amazing! Also, that resort looks like a dream – having your own little hut! Glad you’re back :)

  17. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve been busy!! The vacation sounds amazing and the floors look amazing! Looking forward to hearing more about your other projects!

  18. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while, but I’m super happy you are back! I can’t believe the amazing honeymoon you guys went on…it looks like you had one heck of a Thanksgiving! ;)

    And seriously, the floors look a bazillion times better!! I’m definitely not a fan of orangey wood tones. What was the stain color you guys picked?

    And those rugs looks so super snuggly…no judgement here! To each his own! :)

  19. Oh my! Your vacation looks heavenly. Glad you’re back!

  20. Welcome back Whitneyyy!!! I missed you girl. I love reading this blog, and I’m happy you are back and safe and ready to get at it again. I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation. The new colour on the floors look fantastic. That rug too…oh my. I can only imagine how soft that feels! Great buy. It looks beautiful next to your bed.

    I’ve been busy too and started a new blog since you’ve been gone. So if you’re scratching your head and wondering who this is, it’s a new blog! :P Still me.

    Cheers! and welcome back again!

    ~ Antonella

  21. Your floors look great-!!!

    I was wondering what you two had been up to…and WOW that resort looks ahhhhmaizzzzing! Glad you got to take your honeymoon finally, I’m hoping we can take ours soon!