Baby B's Nursery

Dear Baby Blake,

We are so excited to meet you!!  We know we live far away, but we promise to spend as much time with you as we possibly can.

At your shower (yes, there’s already been a party just for you!), each guest decorated a letter for your alphabet wall.

What a special way to add so many memories to your room!  You will be reciting these before you know it.  :)

Your parents have been busy preparing for your arrival!  We can’t wait to spoil you with hugs and kisses.  And maybe give you a coin or two for that sweet piggy.  ;)

This room is officially yours, baby Blake.  Complete with a sweet banner that you’ll be able to cherish and hold on to your whole life.

See you soon, sweet girl!


Aunt Whitney and Uncle John

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34 responses to Baby B's Nursery

  1. RENEE

    Hello, Gorgeous Room!!! Can you please tell me where your sister got the frames.. I’ve been searching online for days looking for those exact frames… I would really appreciate it :)

    • Hi Renee!! Isn’t her nursery so beautiful?! She got them from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’d love for you to send me photos of your frame project! Come back soon :)

      • RENEE

        Thank you so much! I searched high and low at a hobby lobby with no luck, but I have another one a town away… guess where I’m head right now??? hahaha thanks again :)

        • I hope you found them!! I know she bought them awhile back so their inventory may have changed? Or maybe different regions carry different items? Did you have any luck?!

  2. Totally had me for a minute there. Sweet post and a beautiful nursery.

  3. Totally thought you were pregnant there for a minute! haha.

    I really love that alphabet idea! It looks so great framed up and I love that each shower guest played a part- so sweet!

  4. Omg. That alphabet wall is brilliant! I love it!

  5. Soooo cute! I adore the alphabet wall!
    xo Heidi

  6. Cute idea! Is this your first niece or nephew? They are the best!

  7. Aww it’s beautiful! And I love the name “Blake” for a little girl. So sweet!

  8. What a cute idea…guests painting the alphabet! Love it!

  9. What an adorable room!!!….Congrats Auntie Whitney and Uncle John…and I so love the name Blake!

  10. Oh, I thought you were having a little baby for a second there! lol ;)
    What a beautiful nursery, and I absolutely love the name Blake!

  11. Oh, I thought you were having a little baby for a second there! lol ;)
    What a beautiful nursery, and I absolutely love the name Blake!

  12. What a GREAT idea for a baby shower activity! Baby Blake is very lucky to be welcomed into such a loving, excited family :) .

  13. oh my goodness, i thought i missed a post or something ;)

    what a sweet nursery. And what a good idea to decorate the letters at the shower too!!

  14. Judy

    It’s sooooo cute!!!

  15. marian

    The yellow was pleasant but the gray is way cooler! And the shelves are so awesome! Cannot wait to see them!

  16. Marian, I think you meant to put your comment on my previous post, but I know what you meant! Thanks again! :)