Guest Bath~ Progress!

Update!! To see the bathroom after the final renovation, click here to check it out!!

{Warning!  This post contains horrible photos, so I’m going to go ahead and apologize now. My camera lens is in the shop.}

Not too long ago I mentioned how we’ve been busy renovating our guest bath.  We really couldn’t be more thrilled with how it’s turning out!

So this is the bathroom before:

(Listing photo)  Notice how blinding it is?!

(Here are my photos- with the bathroom light off and no flash):

That is NO FLASH….and you can still see everything clearly.  It was practically brighter than the sun, so it was time to tone it down and warm it up.  We didn’t have an exact color in mind-  we just knew the space was small and there’s a lot of white tile, so a dark color on the walls would work well.

When we saw a can of Behr Paint and Primer in One in on clearance, we bought it on a whim and figured it would work!  $16 for the combo paint/primer is a great deal.  (The label on the top of the can was painted over, so we don’t know what the exact color is called.)

One weekend afternoon I got the walls painted in about 3 hours, including cutting in around the trim.

It always seems to work out that when we choose a color on a whim, it’s perfect.  Versus when we spend 40 minutes staring at paint chips at Lowe’s, then pick a color, try it out, and it’s all wrong.  You know what I mean?!

Now, are you ready for the really fun part?

We made some shelves that cost us roughly $7.00!  So here’s the scoop in a nutshell- our house has 2 decks, one of which had to be replaced before we closed.  You can check them out on The Rancher “Before” page.

We used the old wood from the previous deck to build ourselves some bathroom shelves! We also used that wood to build a firewood box and two garden trellises.

How we did it:  We beat up the wood a little with a hammer around the edges. Then we gave it a little sanding and brushed on some white paint with very nonchalant, light wispy brush strokes.  Then we simply attached some corner braces that came from Lowe’s (in a packet of 8 for about $4).

The stuff on the shelves is only temporary; we’re playing around with different decor. You can see the true rustic appeal of the wood here.  I love the rustic meets industrial vibe.

Sorry this picture is so bad!! I'll post better photos after I get my lens back!

For our towel rack, we originally had planned to screw hooks into the wall below one of the shelves, sort of like this (But without the cubbies on top– just a shelf with some hooks underneath it):

Source: via Trish on Pinterest


Then we thought, “Why don’t we just screw hooks directly into the board?!” And the creativity flowed from there.  We bought some boat cleats (that’s what John calls them)  and we already had the ORB hooks from my apartment in college.  We sanded the hooks a little to bring out the copper colored undertone.

We love the rustic and industrial mix!  And to think thus far we’ve only spent about $25.00.  Yesssss!  We also think it’s pretty cool that this wood was on the exterior of our home for several years, and now we transformed it to work inside.  Repurposing is a beautiful thing.

So what do you think of our progress?!  I’m sharing this project at My Repurposed Life!

Update– we just finished this bathroom completely!! Check it out here!!!

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36 responses to Guest Bath~ Progress!

  1. I love reusing stuff like you did. When we put a new deck on my daughter’s house, I used her old wonderfully weathered blue deck boards to make some benches for her new deck.

    I think it’s sweet that you have the towel hook at an angle.


  2. Awesome! Great job on finding the Oops paint. That was definitely a great deal, and it looks amazing. The shelves and towel rack are super cute too!

  3. Ooh I love that rustic wood, and yay for oops paint! We bought a can of oops paint once right after we got married for a room in an old house we used to live in, and it was the most beautiful shade of green EVER, and Andy has never forgotten it. Every time we check the oops paint, it’s like he’s hoping to find that exact shade again. Poor andy.

  4. Becky

    This is really cute Whit! Great job!

  5. Marian

    Amazing. Love I all!!

  6. Nicely DONE, Whitney! Loving the rustic touches contrasting with the tile.
    xo Heidi

  7. Love the new colour! Really freshened it up and compliments the tile nicely. Those shelves are amazing!!

  8. That color is absolutely awesome…I love that it was just a random “go for it” moment too! And rustic meets industrial?!?! Doesn’t get much better! I love those shelves! :)

  9. WOW!!! It looks FABULOUS!! I want my bathroom re-done too! The shelves are just to die for! WOW!

  10. Gosh, that’s fantastic! The color is perfect, the shelves are such a neat idea and I love how you off-set the one with hooks. Good work!

  11. It looks great! That colour is definitely an improvement. It really warms up the space. Those shelves rock! I like the rustic look lots.

  12. Looks great and I love the color. We have this theme in our downstairs powder room as well. I love that you added the re-purposed wood.

  13. Great color – it really freshened everything up! The wall tiles looked dingy against the yellow but really pops with the darker color.

  14. I Love the reclaimed wood. I did a post on bathroom solutions and used reclaimed and driftwood for my shelves and towel bar! Great look!

  15. It looks great! LOVE that color!

  16. oooooo i love the look too!! you are inspiring me for my guest bath gf!! also i love the slanted look you did too

  17. Amy @ PaintWineRepeat

    Looks amazing! What luck that the perfect color was waiting for you.

  18. Ah, much better! I wish I had a pile of old wood lying around in my backyard …