Light up the Night

This weekend consisted of a fair amount of eating and drinking, and a less than adequate amount of home stuff.  But that’s alright, we still managed to get a few things crossed off the list.  Enter our porch light.

Visually, it is too high up on the wall:

It’s nasty looking:

It doesn’t match the black shutters.  Sorry, I thought I took a better picture with the shutters. Oops.

Did I mention it’s gross?

We dropped in HabiJax this weekend (Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville) for the first time.  It’s mostly filled with big home stuff, like old vanities, closet doors, plumbing fixtures, lights, etc.  Anyone can donate, and the majority seemed to be old appliances from renovations, and extra materials donated from contractors who had leftovers from previous jobs.

Anyway, we picked up a brand new porch light for $14 and some change.  The mounting screws were bent, so I’m assuming that’s why someone ditched it.  We figured the screws from our previous light would work, but they were a tad bit too long.  So John just used the mini hack saw to cut about 1/4″ off the screws and now it sits flush with the brick wall. :)

It’s black…

The glass has a cool bubbly effect, and it matches the shutters:

It hangs low so it doesn’t look funky, like the old one:

Ahh, much better. 

Just a simple little fix that makes a big difference.

How was your Labor Day weekend?  We spent some time lounging in those porch swings. :)

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32 responses to Light up the Night

  1. I’m always amazed that small simple changes can make such a difference!! Way to go, Whitney… and I’m totally jealous of those porch swings. :)
    xo Heidi

  2. i love how sometimes its the simplest things that make such a huge impact…keeps me motivated that home renovations can be done little by little on ANY budget! i love this fixture, your front porch is seriously looking SO much more updated already!

  3. Don’t you love how the small {and inexpensive} changes can make such a difference sometimes?!?! Love the glass in the fixture and it looks perfect on your home! :)

  4. What a difference a light makes…looks so much better and you made such a difference with so little money and the money went to a great cause too!!…Habitat is my go to place to bring household items for donating…Love your porch…John did such a great job! Have a great day Whitney!

    • Thanks, Shirley! I can’t believe I’ve never been in Habitat before. I was eyeing a neat basket type of light pendant but decided against it. John did do a great job on the porch; I love that the stairs get wider at the bottom. :)

  5. Definitely much better! Your Habijax sounds fun; I’d love to scrounge around there. Glad you had a fun weekend with friends :) !

  6. That looks great! When I saw that first pic, I immediately thought she needs a light that goes down not up! Perfect =)

  7. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference ;) I love how such a simple change can pull the elements together just a little more (shutters, clean contrast with the white door/porch ceiling, rails etc), plus it definitely looks less awkward than the old light!

  8. Definitely looks way better! Nice find! I love going to the re-store, it’s my own personal mini-paradise.

  9. Muuuuuch better. Isn’t it funny how the smallest things can leave the biggest impact?

  10. Great improvement! It looks much better with the shutters. Sounds like you had a great weekend even if it didn’t involve house stuff. It’s nice to have weekends like that anyways.

  11. it does make a big difference, looks so much cleaner!

  12. Great improvement. I keep meaning to go by our Habitat store. It seems like you can come across some great deals if you look hard enough there. The new light looks much better than the older one since it hangs low.

  13. Much better! Great deal too… I’ll have to see if there is a Habitat for Humanity near us

  14. Looks fabulous! And such an inexpensive switch out for major impact. :)

  15. I love it when a small change makes a big difference! Your swings look oh so comfy. I bet you and your husband could solve the world’s problems from there. ha!

  16. Much better, indeed! I like!

  17. I really like the new light – it definitely looks more classic!

  18. What an improvement! It looks so much better!

    The old light looks almost salty.

  19. Sweet light! Way to rescue it. The black def looks better.

  20. It looks great! The older one was positioned way too high, you’re right!

  21. Love the new light! Major improvement! I painted my entry way all weekend. Not the rest and relaxation that usually comes with a holiday but I feel just as satisfied today!