Knobby Love

For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with cool hardware lately.   Maybe because the new bathroom vanity is on my mind, who knows.  But it’s such an easy way to spruce up a piece of furniture. 

Check out some of my favorites, all from Anthropologie.

They even have fun doorknobs, hooks, and handles!

I’m ready to spice up some furniture now. ;)   What about you?

By the way, although that would be super sweet, Anthropologie has not compensated me in any way.  They just make some rockin’ hardware.

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24 responses to Knobby Love

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  2. I’m on the hunt for some affordable crystal or glass knobs for the doors going in to my dining room. I wish we had anthropolgie here. Then again, I’d probably be way more broke than I am if we did. All of the ones you picked for this post are beautiful! You have good taste.

  3. I love Anthro’s hardware! I also love all of their housewares. If only it wasn’t quite so expensive…

  4. They are ALL lovely — you’re going to have a hard time picking which ones to go with ;) . But, in my opinion you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

  5. I love that crystal one that looks like little dots. So pretty!

  6. Good choices. We usually pick something plain and boring. I didn’t even know Anthropologie carried that stuff.

  7. I am TOTALLY obsessed with their hardware, but of course, it’s way out of my budget so I could never use them on my furniture makeovers. Booooooooo. It’s so lovely to daydream though! Thanks for the eye candy! :)

  8. I agree, their knobs are so pretty. It’s my first choice to go to because I know their selection is large.

  9. Love these knobs! What’s great about knobs at Anthro is when they go on sale! (If you can hold out and be patient!)

  10. I loved a lot of these knob options! So pretty! I love hardware too. I’m on the search for some fun knobs to liven up our IKEA bed side tables- haven’t found the right one yet though.

  11. Oooh, love that blingy brooch knob! The mother of pearl knob is really pretty too :-) I’m planning to use silver or chrome ring pulls on our vanity. Once hubby builds the vanity. Which could be a looooonnnggg time from now!

    • Aren’t they so gorgeous! I’m not 100% sure yet, but most likely I’ll do glass knobs. Silver or chrome will be go perfectly with your colors. Don’t worry about the time; we thought we had a contractor picked but now there is a new one in the mix! No telling when we’ll start this thing :)

  12. I love Anthro. Sometimes I just spend hours browsing through their clothes and home accessories online :)

  13. I love eye candy posts – that blue flower is gorgeous! Might hurt the fingers after awhile, but it’s so pretty!

  14. I’ve been running into all sorts of hardware lately.. mostly at flea markets and antique stores and I’m with you – I love them! But have no idea what to do with them…

  15. I love their hardware….I need to replace the ho-hum hardware in my bathroom…maybe a trip to Anthropologie will be in the itinerary this weekend!….Yes, there is one 15 minutes away from me…a dangerous thing!!

  16. I am obsessed with Anthropologie’s hardware! I spiced up some Ikea furniture a while back with some fun glass knobs. What an easy way to change the look of a furniture piece.