A Pinterest Dinner

I took a week off of blog post writing and I have to say it was a much needed break!  Work has been consuming my mind (in a good way!) and I didn’t have the drive or willpower to go into crafty-homemaker mode after work.

But on the weekends, I love to get all creative in the kitchen, hints the title.

Tonight I made this:


…with this:


….along with a tossed salad.

Yumminess!  My husband thinks I’m becoming quite the connoisseur in the kitchen.

Thank you Pinterest.  ;)

Tell me about your weekend!  Do you use Pinterest to pull together your meals too?

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27 responses to A Pinterest Dinner

  1. Sometimes you need a week off of blogging to recharge ;) welcome back and that dinner looks yummy!

  2. Due to 5 major commitments/activities between now and December 1st, I can relate…hard to get together posts when life is so busy…Glad you took a break…Loved your “pinterest dinner”….

  3. Looks delish! I definitely lean on Pinterest for meals idea (especially my What’s for dinner Wednesday features). I spent the weekend with friends, attempting to have a garage sale (major fail!) and doing some cross-border shopping. Fun :)

  4. Nom nom nom. I’m going to pin this now :)

  5. Congrats on the time off!! Good for you for keeping yourself sane. :)

    I could use some serious Pinterest help in the kitchen … or maybe it’s just a personal chef we need. LOL

    Perfect timing to read this, I’m headed to make dinner now. :)

  6. Oh, Pinterest, how did we ever live without it! I need to try that pasta!

  7. That looks amazing! I’d say “connoisseur” is a good word for it. (I’d gave you a bonus point if you were my student.) ;)

    I have also been blog slacking because of work. Oh well.

  8. Boy would I love that meal!!
    Have been MIA lately but am back – - Miss You -xoxo

  9. Good for you for taking a little break! I’m having a hard time writing posts, doing projects, and making the rounds to my favorite blogs… what the heck will I do when the holiday craziness kicks in? Happy Monday — bet the hubs was terribly happy with that meal!
    xo Heidi

  10. Sometimes a break is exactly what you need to get recharged in the creative&motivation department. The recipes you made look delish! I love browsing pinterest for new recipes when I want to try something new or am getting bored of the same old same old. I find it’s especially helpful for holiday cooking, tons of great recipes on there for special occasions. :)

  11. I totally use pinterest to help me out in the kitchen! It’s an awesome resource! Glad you took a break if you needed it. Something has got to give sometimes. I’m glad you’re back though.

  12. Yummy Yummy! Pinterest is my biggest inspiration with recipes.

    Everyone needs a break! Hope yours was relaxing!!

  13. Welcome back! I hear you on the break – sometimes it’s necessary. I pin so many recipes but I’m guilty of not trying them all out yet (I’ve made a few, mostly for holidays). I’m going to have to step up my game now!

  14. Sometimes you just need a break! Life has been hectic on my end too so I’ve been sparce. It happens sometimes. Glad to see you back though : )

    I use Pinterest quite often for recipes- I usually try a few a week. I am addicted to that site! Your meal looks soooo good- drooling over here!

  15. Nattie N

    Looks so yummy. Sundays are my big meal days! I made my first pot roast yesterday. Then we made tacos with the leftover meat. I *secretly* pin at work and when I lay in bed at night (it’s the new night read) lol Gotta love Pinterest!

  16. Actually, yes! It’s like my own personal cookbook, full of only things I like! I’ve made several recipes off Pinterest, and they’ve all been winners.

  17. Enjoy your time away. It can get hectic. Those pins look delicious!

  18. Pinterest is my go-to for dessert recipes. Your dinner looks yummy! Hope this week slows down for you a bit. Have a good one!

  19. I was wondering where you’d been, but you made a few comments so I knew you weren’t dead :) . That meal looks delicious! A lot more delicious than something I’d make after a hard week at work. Hope next week is better for you, Whitney!