One Lovely Blog Award

Kristine over at Red Door Design Company nominated our blog for the One Lovely Blog Award!  It’s pretty cool that she thinks this blog is lovely!

I’m so thrilled that she thought of drab to fab! Thank you so so so much! Kristine is so sweet and her home is BEAUTIFUL!  She also designs company websites and blogs and often posts about good-to-know website info.  She helped me figure out why my feedburner wasn’t working~ Thanks again Kristine!

Here is a little background info on this award: The regular rules are (the rules vary a bit with each award, but they are generally the same):

1.   Display the award logo somewhere on your blog.

2.   Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3.   State seven things about yourself.

4.   Nominate other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

So onto seven things about me.  I tried to think of all the weird stuff that people find interesting that I probably should be embarrassed about, but I’m totally not! 

  1. I shot a gun for the first time this year.  When John was gone a lot on deployments, he wanted me to be able to defend myself.  I was shaking and sweating and laughing and crying all at the same time.  I was a mess; what can I say?! 
  2. I pop my neck way too many times a day.  It drives John crazy.
  3. Once in college, my glasses fell under my bunk and my roommate walked in the room to find me crawling around on the floor feeling for my glasses.  I’ll never live this down!
  4. Scary movies freak me out.  I will envision whatever happened in the movie is going to happen to me.  We went to watch The Grudge way back in the day and we had to leave half way through.  I think that’s the last scary movie I’ve seen. Poor John.
  5. I have more respect for my mom than any other person in this whole world!  Anytime we go home and people ask how our families are doing, John always responds, “Whitney’s mom is a saint.”   She really is.  My sisters agree.  Seriously though.  See how cute she is?  :)
  6. My go to fast food: McDonald’s fries with honey is a glorious duo.  Throw in a Mcdouble and a sweet tea and I’m a happy camper. But let’s not talk about what it does to the arteries.
  7. I’m a sucker for luxury cars.  Can I get some G-wagon lovers?!  And old cars.  And old jeeps.  I guess I’m versatile in the car department.

 Now for the really fun part….nominating 5 blogs for this award! I wish I could nominate every one of you because you’re all awesome!!

1. Mandy at Cre8ive Motives for her overall design style!  She is always coming up with really neat ideas, and she recently just had the big reveal of her kitchen makeover.  It is GORGEOUS!  

2.  Heidi at Decor & More for her use of meaningful pieces in her home.   She has acquired some really neat art and furniture that was passed down to her, and she displays it beautifully! She also just finished her dining room makeover; you have to check it out!

3.  Shirley from Housepitality Designs for her positive attitude (not to mention her stunning North Carolina home, of which we discovered is down the street from John’s aunt and uncle!)  She is always encouraging me and sends out the sweetest personal emails.  Thank you Shirley!

4.  Ashley from Attempts at Domestication for her inspiring DIY projects!  Ashley dabs into different aspects of DIY and is always showing me something new.  A fun note to add is that she was the very first blogger to comment on my blog! ;)

5.  Dana at Make Them Wonder for both her incredible design ideas and thought-provoking posts!  Every week she and her kids perform a random act of kindness and it always inspires me to be a better person.  That is cool!

McKae from Kae’s Corner also nominated drab to fab for the Liebster Award.   We’ve received this once before, so we’re going to opt out of participating in this one again. :) But THANKS SO MUCH for thinking of us, McKae! 

Happy Monday everyone!  Have you ever shot a gun?  Are you a scary movie fan?  Who is the one person you look up to most? 

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25 responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Ahhh, I totally crack my neck all the time! I try not to do it, but it’s such a bad habit. {My chiro hates knowing I do it haha.} Luckily, my husband does quite often too, so I don’t drive him nuts! Phew!

  2. so fun! and i do NOT watch scary movies either. i would envision whatever happened happening to me all night long and would never sleep! And no, I have never shot a gun and I definitely don’t want to try! Props to you for mastering it, though!

  3. Hmmm … A neck popper … I hate scary movies too, and I love reading random facts about people; I enjoyed everyone. Also, loved the picture of you, your sisters and your Mom all grown up!

  4. Your blog is lovely! Congrats!
    I HATE scary thank you!

  5. I’m totally with you on the scary movie thing. I used to love them and then I realized that they were totally messing with my head and making me way too paranoid, now I can’t even watch the trailers for scary movies! McDonald’s fries with honey sounds so good, I’ll have to try that!

  6. Congratulations on the award! Very well deserved. :) It was fun to learn more things about you! I also have a great relationship with my mom. Moms are the best! :)

  7. I once shot a gun to make a scary movie stop.

    Not really.

    But I hate scary movies that much.


  8. I’ve never shot a gun and scary movies freak me out completely and my grandma is probably the person I look up to most :-) Congrats on the awards!

  9. Thank you SO much, Whitney!! I am honored to be in such awesome company!! You have a gorgeous family — fun to read a little more about you! Yes, shot a gun before, and NO to scary movies… I don’t even like the action-packed Die Hard kinda movies. :)
    Look forward to passing this on soon!!
    xo Heidi

  10. Fun post! Scary movies are forbidden in our house for the same reasons. Lisa is not a fan. I also like the old jeeps and SUVs. Those boxy Mercedes are sweeeet. Although my Jeep GC is getting pretty up there in miles.

  11. Awww…Thanks, you are too sweet Whitney! xoxo

  12. your blog IS quite lovely! I love jeeps too, i want one so bad just for cruising around in the summer. it doesnt even have to be fancy, just a jeep!

  13. Congrats!! It was fun learning 7 new things about you! I admire my mom so much too so I can relate to that feeling- you have a super cute family!

  14. Oh Whitney…I am so truly honored…you are the “fairest one of all”….Now off to think about the 7 things…hmmm….love the picture of your mom and sisters….Such a beautiful family!