Passing it On~ Redneck Style

I’m pretty dang excited about my gifts for the Pass it On Project!  Isn’t it so much more fun to give gifts than to receive them?!  I mentioned in this post that this project, thought up by Karah, is all about spreading some happiness and spreading joy all around.  The idea is that you make something (whatever you want) and send it (and an extra if you choose) to someone.  Then that person gets to keep one and pass along the extra to someone else.  The whole concept is really cool.  So when Gabbi and Amy asked me if I wanted to participate, I didn’t think twice!

As to what I made, all the credit goes to my good friend Jessica, who actually made her own a couple months ago.  With her mom.  While they drank wine.  My kinda people. :)   So when she sent me a picture from her phone, I said, “OMG let’s make these for the Pass It On Project!”  So we drank wine and made some REDNECK WINE GLASSES.  It was fabulous.  I decided to Pass it On to three of my favorite bloggers!  Stephanie, Lyndsay, and Diana, I hope you don’t mind going a little West Virginia back woods with me!  ;)


Plus a candlestick holder, which you’ll see it in a sec.  The candlestick holders and faux flowers came from Dollar Tree for a buck!

Note: the super glue is for ALL GLASS. Muy importante! It is dishwasher safe and is safe in the oven.  Not sure why these would ever go in oven, but hey, that’s what the package says.  Even though it’s dishwasher safe and I really hate handwashing anything, I’d still recommend handwashing to be on the safe side.

Directions: Pluck a flower off the bouquet, stick flower in candlestick, then apply glue to candlestick and stick the Ball jar on top.

BAM! Done!  I made 6 different pairs of matching glasses, so 12 glasses total.  I sent two pairs of glasses to each blogger, one for her to keep and one to pass on! Below I displayed one glass from each pair.

Below is the yellow flower pair of glasses I sent to Stephanie.  I remembered she loves sunflowers….

You don’t have to use flowers though, we even got a little frisky and used glass pearls in one pair!

And then combined a flower and a pink pearl in another pair:

Oh and wait 24 hours for the glue to set.  Probably the easiest project EVER and so cute!  I wanted to leave a nice note for my Pass It On recipients, so I gathered a few more supplies.

…and cut out a rectangle piece of burlap and a rectangle piece of cream colored paper.  And wrote a little note for my gift recipients :)   Then I used the Mod Podge to glue the note on the burlap.  I strung the twine through the burlap and wrapped it around the neck of the jar.  I also put a little Mod Podge around the edges of the burlap so it wouldn’t unravel.

Diana, Lyndsay, and Stephanie, I hope you enjoy being part of the Pass it On Project as much as I have!! I think they’d be gorgeous at a barn wedding with a tea light candle inside too!  Or just as gifts and instead of a birthday/graduation/whatever card, make a homemade note! :)

You know I made some for myself as well.  I’ve tested them out.  And somehow I felt oddly sophisticated ;)

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33 responses to Passing it On~ Redneck Style

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  4. Those are adorable! What a great project =) I love how you finished them off with a little rustic tag.

  5. HOW adorable! I would have never thought to put treasures at the bottom. crafty lady you are!

  6. How cool and neat! I love this. I agree with what Ashley said you should totally sell them :)

  7. OMG, stop. These are so purrfect. I’ve already determined to stock my cupboards full of mason jars for drinking (assuming my cupboards will be built/installed/etc…) and mentally agreed (yes, with myself) that wine would be just fine out of them. I used to have a big ol’ set of wine glasses, champagne, port, etcetc and found it too boring to actually bother with. So they just collected dust in a dry sink until I got rid of them. BUT now you have given me the opp to spruce them up with a stem. And I think I’d get a kick every time I drank out of one. LOVE this idea, so glad you shared it!

  8. Marian

    OK, i have to make some of these!

  9. These are cute! And so many variations, uses possible …

  10. I was one of the recipients of the Pass It On Project….yes, a great idea of Karah’s….I love those glasses!…such a great gift and how nice that you remembered the favorite flowers of your fellow bloggers/friends.!…Great job Whitney!!

    • Thanks Shirley! Yes, I remember you were involved with the Pass it On Project as well. Karah’s idea is such a great way to make this crazy world a little better :)

  11. Loveee these. I need to make some for myself, ASAP!

  12. AH-MAZING! I totally spoiled the surprise for myself but I just couldn’t seem to stop scrolling. I’m even more excited for the mail now!! You did a fantastic job!!!

  13. These are so cute! I absolutely LOVE them! I’m definitely going to have to make some of these and they hold WAY more wine than a little wine class. ;)

  14. These are super cute! I’ve seen them around before but never with the flowers or pearls in them. You did a great job- very creative of you and I’m sure the girls loved them!!

  15. I LOVE that we posted redneck projects on the same day. We could sit by my beer bottle chandy drinking boxed wine from your redneck wine glasses. :) Totally pinning.

  16. Super cute! I’ve seen those around but you definitely went above and beyond.

  17. i may or may not be encouraged to drink every night as a result of these glasses!! LOL, and somehow I think they feel “fancy”, like a goblet! Not at all redneck-ish :) .

    Love them :) !!!

  18. These are so cute! I love the flowers and pearls tucked in there,too! I’m pinning these :)

  19. I love these!!! They turned out so cute! Our friends from Florida gave us some and they had seed beads in the candlestick part. I love the flowers and pearls, though! Such a great idea!

  20. Those are awesome! I might just have to make myself some.

  21. Whitney! These are fabulous!! I saw them on Lindsay’s blog and pinned them immediately. Now I’ll pin them from here too. So cute!!

  22. Ok these are the cutest. You should sell them. I use mine all the time but I would have never thought to put the flowers and decoration in the stick before gluing it to the jar. Too cute and you don’t need to worry about wine markers!