Mr. Outdoors

In my humble opinion, my husband is the perfect combination of manly/rugged/likes to get dirty and sweet/helpful/sensitive to my female emotions.  I realize that I’m totally flattering him, but the man amazes me.  Perhaps that’s what you get after being with someone for 10 years!

So this is where I’m going with this….we had a conversation back in January before he left for deployment that went like this:

John:  Shoog, I’ve been thinking about going on a hiking trip after I get out of the Navy.

Me: Oh ok! That sounds good. What are your thoughts about it? Give me details.

John: Do you want to take off and come with me? I’m looking at the high sierras in California.  It’ll take some time to hike this trail.

Me:  How much time we talkin’?

John: A few weeks. Without a shower.  We’ll sleep in a tent and carry everything we need in our packs.

Me:  …(long pause) 

John: (laughing) It’ll be awesome!

Me: (laughing) Ummm, yeah…  Nope, can’t take off work.  Sorry Charlie.  You tend to look much better all dirty and scruffy than I do. 

Well, guess where John has been for the past couple weeks? 

In California, of course.  Hiking the John Muir Trail with one of his good friends he met during bootcamp in the Navy.  This friend would make a much better companion than me.  I’d be grouchy by the third day. 

This little big trip took a lot of planning though.  Everything he needed for a couple weeks was in his pack.  We’re talking freeze dried food, sleeping bag, water sterilizer thing (don’t ask me what it’s called), map, tent, bear canisters (these were required by Yosemite Park to help minimize the smell of their food….yeah, scary), clothes for warm weather, clothes for cold weather, trekking poles, and a bunch of other crap.

The pictures from his trip speak for themselves, but really don’t do the place justice, according to John.  Despite a huge blister on his foot and an uber sore body, hubs had a blast and said it was so surreal!




 Whoa is me!  How gorgeous are those photos?! And to actually be there must have been amazing!  I give him a hard time (all in fun), but I admire his willingness to test his body and do something like this!

I was ready to have him back though. You know… I needed some help putting back on the chair cushions I just recovered.  And I missed him.  And I had to sit through a tropical storm by myself.  Ick.  But he did send me a sweet little post card while he was gone.  In his childish handwriting.  I’ll spare you the mushy stuff.

Love him to bits and pieces.

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23 responses to Mr. Outdoors

  1. I realize we’ve never discussed this – BUT OMG I LIVE THERE!!! Well, not at John Muir Trail because I’m far too high maintenance for that but about 3 hours away. I’ve spent a handful of camping trips and Father’s Days in Yosemite and I think it’s absolutely breathtaking. From one fab girl to another, it’s definitely worth it to get a little dirty and see Yosemite, at least for a few days :)

    • Holy moly! How cool you live so close!! He said the sites were breathtaking, so I’m gonna go ahead and say you’re one lucky gal for getting to visit Yosemite on a regular basis!!

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  3. What an amazing experience. Fabulous pictures! I couldn’t do more than 1 day in the wilderness. Of course my husband would be out there is a second. :)

  4. Wow! Those photos are incredible! I guess I’ll have to just ogle over pretty photos because there is no way I would be able to go without a shower, warm comfy bed or Real Housewives for more than a few days (I guess I am a bit of a diva!)

  5. Oh my gosh! What a trip! I don’t think I would even last 3 days! Men and their crazy hobbies…

  6. Breath taking photos, reminds me when we were stationed in Mt. man I miss that place.
    Looks like he had a wonderful time and judging by the photos who wouldn’t : )

  7. Joe loves hiking but I don’t think he’s ever gone on a hike that long! The photos are beautiful (though not enough to get me out there – I’m not an outdoorsy girl at all).

  8. I cannot even begin to express how jealous I am of your husband for having the opportunity to do this. Hiking and spending extended periods of time in the great outdoors are right up my alley, I would love to do this some day!

    This pictures are gorgeous, I can only imagine how beautiful the high sierras were (pictures often don.t do nature justice).

  9. Wow, what a cool experience and great area. It’s beautiful. I would be a cranky girl out in nature –not much of a happy camper!!

  10. Looks beautiful!! A week’s the most I’ve ever done. Not sure I could/would do more.

    It’s great that he got to take some time off and do something fun and adventurous for himself!

  11. Looks like a cool trip, but I’m not very outdoorsy either. Give me a beer and a TV remote and I’m set… Does he know how clear HDTVs are nowadays? I can watch that view on the travel channel and still get a home cooked meal.

  12. I have always dreamed of doing the Appalachain Trail … the whole thing would take 7-8 months, but the older I get the more I think maybe just a 2 week journey would be fun. I love the pics from the hiked, Congrats to Mr. Drab to Fab. :)

  13. Glad to be home with ya Whit! Thanks for all the support and tolerating all my ridiculous adventures! ;) I love you!

  14. That’s pretty neat! My husband would LOVE to do something like that! He’s actually been talking about doing one in the Appalachian Mtns. here in VA…

  15. That must have been such an amazing trip for him. Those pictures are insane, and I can’t even imagine how it looked in person!!

    And I have to say that you are pretty great too because you knew this was an important trip to him and were happy to let him experience it. You guys are an awesome, loving couple! :)

  16. This trip looks like a lot of fun for your husband! The high Sierra’s are absolutely gorgeous. A few years ago I spent some time hiking and camping in them and loved it. I’m glad he had a good time, I know you’re happy to have him home.

  17. Gorgeous photos! I will probably never get to see anything like that in real life because there is no way I would survive that kind of camping adventure/nightmare. You said you’d be cranky by the third day – I would have been by the third hour! ;) Glad he had a good time!

  18. I like to tell myself I could do a hike like that, but I think I’d just be deluding myself ;-) Maybe for a day or two, but two weeks without a proper shower… eeek!

    The scenery in the pictures if stunning – how crazy to go from wearing shorts to hiking through the snow! And camping out in a tent in the snow… well, let’s just say I think I’d prefer dealing with a tropical storm :-)

  19. Wow! I dont think I would have done very well on a trip like that lol. I love camping but for like 2 nights max. Glad you have your man home and glad he went so we could see those beautiful photos!!

  20. Wow, those are beautiful photos! I definitely would not have been up for a trip like that either; he is quite the outdoors man!

  21. Those photos are beauts! I’m not sure if I could have committed to several weeks in the great outdoors, sounds intense! But that sounds like a super cool thing to do, and head clearing after making such a big life change.

  22. Amazing photos! Congrats to your husband for taking on the challenge! I bet you were so glad to have him home and in one piece!!