Mosaic Tiled House Numbers

The little spot where we live gets people confused sometimes.  It’s on the corner where two roads meet, and it throws people for a loop because the actual street our house sits on doesn’t seem to coincide with our address.  So anytime we have a special delivery we know we’re going to have to flag down the lost driver. 

Well, I mentioned here that our new neighbors gave us a whole bunch of tile they had left after some remodeling.  And John decided to get super creative and use the tile make a tree sign with our house numbers. 

He used a piece of leftover wood from our porch remodel, and stained it Minwax English Chestnut.  Then he used a hammer to break up a square of tile.


Do you see where we’re going with this?!

Then he started forming our numbers with the little pieces of tile…

Isn’t it looking cool?

Then we added some color with some Dollar Tree mancala marbles.  That’s what I call them, anyway.  We screwed it into our big oak tree in the front yard.  And there you have it!  There’s a small sign on the ground with our address, but no one ever sees it, so we’ve compromised.  And made a BIG sign!

Isn’t it fun?!  The “4″ is a little hard to read, but I think you can still make it out.

John did such a good job with this!  One impressed wife right here!  Hopefully this will help prevent so many people from getting lost!  It’s a pretty tree accessory, regardless. :)  


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46 responses to Mosaic Tiled House Numbers

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  2. Grannie Sug

    Looks like a perfect project for grandgirl, nearly nine, to help me make when she comes to visit this week!! It will look great on the front of our home.
    Question: What kind of glue did John use? Is it waterproof?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi G.S.! We used waterproof interior/exterior silicone caulk. It has held up very well and we recently had a big tropical storm. It sounds like a great project for you and your grandgirl Have fun!! :)

  3. This is too cute! Your mailman, UPS driver and Fedex guy must be thrilled too!

    So fun and colorful – what a great way for people to find your house!

    Glad you joined our party.

  4. I’m impressed with John too! Really cool project. I’m sure the UPS man will think so too!

    … so happy you shared with us at our Great Outdoors link party!



  5. Cute idea, and super visible, too. Count me with you who think those look like Mancala pieces. :-)

  6. Sooooo fun to see you all inked up to the party! You know I love this project, I appreciate you sharing it at the party!!

  7. LOL thats what I call those marbles too! Great project!

  8. Love it! Such a cute idea, the pop of teal really stands out. I’m sure you won’t lose any visitors now with your beautiful address : )

  9. Very cute! Would look awesome at a beach house, too, I think. :) Good luck with the delivery drivers now.

  10. Cute! Hope it helps! Can’t miss it now, right? :)

  11. so cute! now you should put a spotlight out there to shine on it in the evening!

  12. Super cute! And what an awesome hubby you have :)
    Have a great day! Erin

  13. I love it!….I love that the teal glass was worked in the the tile…he has “bling” in his heart……don’t tell him that tho’…you know how guys are with “bling”….

    Great, great house numbers!!

  14. Super cute! Love how you worked the teal in. ;)

  15. How cute! People constantly get lost coming to our house because GPS does not recognize West vs East Main Street. It’s really bad. Kevin had ordered me an anniversary gift last year and it was delivered to the wrong side of town, and we think the other people kept it! Who wouldn’t want an nice new watch?!

  16. That’s a great idea… even if the delivery people didn’t have trouble finding your house. He did an excellent job.

  17. Well done John! It looks awesome! I love the blue around the numbers!

  18. Nice! I love to see creative ways to use dollar store finds… those marbles add some fun color!

  19. Cute!!! I manage a tile and granite showroom so any out of the ordinary tile projects are exciting to see for me.