Annie Sloan Mirror Makeover

As if I don’t already have enough projects on my plate, what do I do?  Add a couple more of course.  Actually, there was some reasoning behind this project.  My Annie Sloan chalk paint came in on Friday (eek!), and I was a little nervous to jump on my new dining room set with it.  So I decided to practice using it on a huge mirror that I bought forever ago.

This mirror is pretty cool, I mean there’s no denying its curvalicious figure.  Here’s the before.  Sorry I got a little carried away and forgot to take a true “before”:

It definitely doesn’t look bad as is, but the black and blue/green color scheme doesn’t match anything in my house.  And I love having it in my dressing room because it’s got the french look going on.  And because I have to make sure my outfits look good ;)  But the color clearly doesn’t match in there either.

Oh and a little tip…instead of taping off mirrors/frames/etc….just use old magazines or newspaper and slide them in between the frame and the mirror (if there’s a small gap).  This was a super fast and effective method so there’s no scraping paint off the mirror when you’re done.  Easy and less time consuming = win.

So I painted the whole thing AS Old White (no primer needed with AS paint), and then I went to town with the AS wax.  First the clear wax, then the dark wax.  I wanted the shabby antique look.

In the picture below, you can see the difference the dark wax makes.

Here’s the after in my dressing room.  I love the way it turned out!

The dark wax magnifies the detailed lines in the frame.

It’s all in the detail…

This look also matches our bedroom furniture as well, so if I ever decide to move it, that’s most likely where it will go.

I’ve also started that dining room table makeover, and I didn’t choose any of the fabrics I previously brainstormed about! Stay tuned for a sneak peak!

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50 responses to Annie Sloan Mirror Makeover

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  4. Gorgeous! I love how the dark wax accentuates all of the details. I have never tried chalk paint. I hear about it all over blogland, but have yet to try it. I think you just inspired me ;)

  5. You lucky girl to find that mirror in the first place! Great work, it is gorgeous.

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  9. Amazing transformation! Beautiful lines and it matches your set perfectly. Yay!

  10. I love the look of the dark wax. The perfect bit of texture. Great project. :)

  11. OMG I loveeee how it turned out! Your table is going to look amazing!

  12. Wow! The dark wax really makes the frame look beautiful. It would have looked good plain white but the dark really brings out all the detail in the frame. What a great makeover!

  13. It turned out so good! I really need to try some AS paint with all the makeovers I do haha.

  14. What a beautiful mirror. It has a gothic glamour look to it. Love it! Mandy

  15. It looks beautiful! I would love that mirror in my house. Liked you on Facebook. :)

  16. It looks awesome!! It fits in with (what I can see of) the room so well. I need to look into this paint if I ever get up the courage to makeover some furniture.

  17. The mirror is gorgeous. The new colour suits it well!

  18. this looks SO good! it’s amazing how much difference the black wax makes! and i have never heard of this type of paint…off to google it :)

  19. Awesome mirror! Don’t feel bad about getting sidetracked — sometimes you need a few little successes and accomplishments to keep you running on your ultimate goal :) . It turned out beautiful; you should be very proud!

  20. Oh very cool! I loooooove the details and the shadowing. Beautimous!

  21. Wow! It ‘s gorgeous! I must try chalk paint.

  22. I love the waxing idea to make something look aged! It’s absolutely beautiful – good job!
    xox, Erin

  23. I’m so glad you found me so I could find you! That mirror is so gorgeous!!

  24. Whitney, Whitney…it came out fantastic!!!…don’t you just love that paint!!!….Funny, my very first project was a mirror too…and I am so partial to the shell motif…Looks great in your room…..Great job…and now I am sure you are hooked….now you can be confident to move forward with the dining room set!…Yay!!!….huge thumbs up!!!

  25. It turned out so great!! That dark wax definitely accentuates all the detailing.