Design Analogies~ Spring Edition!

It’s Friday! Not that you didn’t already know, but I thought I’d remind you.  :)

I’m back with a Spring Edition of Design Analogies, a fun way for me to compare fashion with home design.   Now that we’re into the pretty season of Spring and flowers are in bloom and pastels are everywhere, I thought this topic was fitting for today.

If this outfit were a bathroom….

Source: via Emily on Pinterest


….it would have to look like this:


If this sunny dress were a lamp….

Source: via Lacota on Pinterest


It would definitely look like this:


And I can’t NOT throw in some mint, so if these babies….

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


…were KITCHEN CABINETS (whoah!), they’d look like this:


If this classy get-up was a space in my home……..


…this is what it would look like (sorry the pic is small):


This gorgeous bracelet….


….would be this entryway:

Source: via Rowan on Pinterest


I hope you enjoyed my Spring edition of fashion/home analogies today.  Have a great weekend! :)

p.s.  If you missed my other Design Analogies posts, go here, here, and here and enjoy the eye candy!

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Design Analogies

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20 responses to Design Analogies~ Spring Edition!

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  3. Loved it! These were so awesome, I can’t even pick a favorite!

  4. This is so fun, gorgeous anologies. The yellow dress and the first outfit are my favorite : )

  5. Whitney…I love it when you do these analogies…
    You are a wonderful stylist, amongst other great talents….these are fantastic!!!

  6. I LOOOVEEEE your design analogies – they are so spot on!

  7. I agree! You are very good at this! I love all of these!

  8. this is soo fun!! i love the classy outfit space and the beautiful bracelet turned entryway!

  9. I love these! They are so fun! My favorite is the mint!

  10. I love love love the mint cabinets! I love this little segment.

  11. Whoa, these were spot on! Plus, found lots of clothes I’d like to own :) . Makes me wonder how my dress relates to my house …

  12. What a fun post! I love seeing outfits interpreted into home decor!

  13. Cool idea for a post. I love some of the accessories.

  14. Great comparisons. I would say you were bang on with the conversion from fashion to interior space. Such fun posts! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Yayyyy! These are my favorites! I love that yellow dress and the “classy outfit” space in the home! So fun. :)