Rigged Up Kayaks

Today’s post kind of cracks me up because its all about keeping it real, even when things aren’t glamorous.  And if your house is anything like mine, sometimes saving a chunk of change overrides the so-called “proper” way to do things. 

John and I were cleaning out the garage because there was stuff everywhere and we hadn’t bothered to organize things since we moved into our house in May.  The answer to every “What should we do with this?” question was “Ehh put it in the garage.”  So yeah, the outer perimeter of the inside of the garage had stuff piled up everywhere.  Our kayaks, which we love and are super fun by the way, were taking up a lot of space and were kind of a pain to walk around.  

So we did some research to find out how much kayak racks would cost, so that we could hang them horizontally up on the garage wall and get them off the floor.  They sell for anywhere from $40 to $150 each.  Do whaaa? 

We found this one from here for $45, and it only holds one but we’d need two of them.  Then we got a little creative.  Or maybe a lot creative.  You see, there’s this old hose the previous owners had left because it had holes in it and we were getting ready to throw it in the trash. 

Suddenly it was like the light bulb went off.  Do you see where I’m going with this yet?! We cut off two pieces of the hose (probably about 3 feet each).  Then we made a big loop and drove a nail through where the two ends meet.

Then John nailed them into the wood beams in the inside garage wall ….

….and hung up the kayaks.

What do ya know, it worked haha!  Yes, it’s totally umm, what’s the word? Rigged up?  Yes, that’s it.  But $0.00 pretty much beats $90 anyday, especially on something that just needs to do a job without looking cute.  And since our little invention is in the garage where we can get away with things like this, I’m all for it! 

If you kayak and/or canoe or know anyone who does, share this with them!  Tell us what you think!  Are we totally tacky or would you ever do anything like this in your garage?!

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7 responses to Rigged Up Kayaks

  1. Andrew

    Nice easy solution. One thing that might be worth considering, though, is that if you only have the kayak hanging near each end of the boat, over time, it is possible that the boat may start to deform/sag. It maybe advantageous to put a third one in the center, or just put two that are on either side of the cockpit. You could even hang your boat up as you have it now, but then add straps to each side of the cockpit to then hold the full weight.

    Just ideas. If it helps, great :)

  2. Love it! Simple and cheap! Always work with what you have when you can- I think it’s great. And yes- I would do that in my garage too…. you know, if I had kayaks.

  3. Great job! And yours is probably better than the mass produced ones.

  4. Woohoo! I’m all for saving the $90! Especially since this is the garage and your rig up gets the job done! I would totally so this in our garage! And our family cottage is being rebuilt this year and the kayaks have always been a challenge to store so I will be passing this along!