Sneak Peek: Dining Room Addition

We are almost done with a project we’ve been working on, so we wanted to drop in and share the “so-far” pictures.  We have been busy little bees here at casa Spinks!   We already madeover our dining room aka kitchen nook quite a bit.  We painted and put up chair rail, and then added some personalized art and fun pops of yellow!  The left wall is still looking pretty bare though :(   I haven’t found the perfect something for this wall yet. 

But there was still one thing we’ve been dying to do in there…put up some box moulding between the baseboards and the chair rail.  Some people call it shadow box wainscot and picture box wainscot as well.  For now, I’m just going to call it box moulding.

Anyway, we think it’s gorgeous, and you can actually design it several different ways, using boxes shaped like rectangles or squares, or a combo of both.  And of course the color choices are endless.  If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about yet, a couple pictures from here and here might help ya out! 


I love the soft gray bedroom in the first pic and the hardwood floor looks awesome against the wall in the second one. 

We were fortunate enough to receive a Lowe’s gift card from John’s mom for Christmas (Thanks, Marian!) so we dropped in Lowe’s and started doing our shopping.  We already had the paint on hand (the same paint used for the chair rail), so we only needed to pick up the moulding itself and some caulk to seal the corners.

I should back up though, because before we went to Lowe’s we measured the wall and then decided that we wanted to make up our own design with the moulding.  Most of our decision was based on the fact that the walls we are working with are not very long, and we were thinking it might look choppy.  And also because we think it’s more fun to get creative and think outside the box. Pun intended ;)

Here is our drawing of the 3 walls we are boxing up in the dining room.  The only thing that changes from wall to wall is the length of the top and bottom pieces.  In our sketch, the “long” wall would be the wall with the mirror, “Med” is the wall to the left of the mirror, and “small” is the one with the J&W art.

As you can see, the outer rectangle would be the area between the chair rail and baseboards and the rectangle with cut corners is going to be the waincot.  After we got our moulding from Lowe’s ($6.50 each for seven 8′ pieces, then we took $10 off because we had a coupon), we set off to the garage to do our cutting!

John made almost all the cuts, with the exception of the few that I made.  Learning how to use the saw was pretty cool. 

The table saw is perfect for this project because you can set it to make perfect 45 degree cuts and all you have to do is line the wood up and make sure your angle is either going up to the right or up to the left (like a positive or negative line from algebra class!  That was my favorite subject in school so yes, I’m kind of a nerd about it ;)   But this can be a little tricky.  Below you can see we were setting up our design to make sure everything lined up.  The pencil marks show how we marked where the top of the cut should be, and then drew a line to indicate which way the angle needed to be cut.

After our cuts were made for all 3 walls, it was time to start nailing them up!  We marked out the measurements on the wall from our original sketch drawing.   Then we sort of drew a mock of what it would look like. 

 We aren’t quite done yet, but here’s a teaser of what it looks like! 

The brown spots are from the wood filler, which is used to fill in all the little holes that the nail gun makes.  It will be sanded down and painted white soon! 

Stay tuned to see the finished box moulding project!! It’s looking amazing and we can’t wait to share the final pics!


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5 responses to Sneak Peek: Dining Room Addition

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  2. I think I’m going to love this! Can’t wait to see the end result!

  3. You guys are adverterous; there are so many cuts involved with the design you chose! It’s going to look awesome; I am looking forward to seeing it!

  4. I just found your blog from Attempts at Domestication & I am so glad I did! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far :) We’re thinking of adding box moulding to our dining room too, so I can’t wait to see how yours turns out! Good luck!