A Little Burst of Sun!

For those of you who haven’t caught on yet, I love to paint! And the reason is because you can transform ANYTHING with a little paint, like the lamp or end table we recently made-over for our living room. Those are two awesome examples of what paint can do.  Now we needed a little something on the walls in our newly done dining room (more on that soon!), and this frame is the perfect size for one of the walls.  So once again, we’re playing with paint.  Here’s a piece of art we had lying around, and it’s not an ugly piece, but we thought it could be better, or more personal to us.  And it’s unique because it’s similar to a shadow box.

See what I mean, it’s not terrible, but kind of dated.  We like how the wood frame is rough and all the grooves are visible.  After some deliberation (ha when do I not over-think everything in terms of design?!) we decided to personalize it with our initials.  We discussed printing them out in a cool font, but because the frame is 3-D we wanted to keep it that way.  That’s where the idea of using nature came in.  We (well maybe just me) went on a hunt in the front yard, and I’m pretty sure our neighbors thought I lost something! But after a few minutes I had gathered a bunch of twigs, acorns, and spanish moss and went to town making our design.  And this is what I came up with: 

Kinda cool, huh?  I just used twigs of different sizes and cut them in small pieces to make the letters.  The “&” sign was a little difficult, but nothing crazy.  I decided against the acorns because their shape made it difficult to make letters and the spanish moss– well I’m not sure there. I just decided against it. After I had my design centered, I simply used a little tacky glue and glued them down, one by one.

Then for the matting portion, we have been wanting to add more color to our dining room, and we decided art was the perfect way to do it. I pulled out a can of paint that we used on the accent wall of our dining room in our first apartment.  It’s Valspar’s Caramel Honey.  I am totally digging the look of yellow and gray (gray is the color of our dining room) together right now, like this seen here:

 And here:

Aren’t those gorgeous?! I can’t get enough of the gray and yellow. So I grabbed a paint brush and a plastic bag for the matting to set on so I wouldn’t make a mess.


I got it painted in less than 5 minutes, then waited a few hours for it to dry.  In the meantime, the frame was next on my list.  I already had some Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on hand, so I used that for the frame.  I chose Oil Rubbed Bronze because it’s a modern look of dark brown, with a touch of that coppery-bronze color.  It’s very popular right now on cabinet handles and door knobs.  It almost looks black in the picture below, but it’s more of a dark shimmery brown.


I also chose this color because the big mirror hanging in our dining room is dark brown, and this would soon be hanging next to it, so I wanted them to pair well together.  And here she is, mounted happily up on the wall.  


Whoah the mirror looks crazy in the one above. Now we come home and it’s one of the first things we see, and we’re loving it! There’s something about having your initials framed that feels so lovey dovey. And we love the way the yellow pops on the gray wall.


The one above is the closest to what the colors truly look like.   But don’t you love the gray and yellow combo?!  And what a transformation from what we started with:

 $0.00 out of pocket! yes, please.

Have you guys personalized anything lately?? Do you have any yellow/gray combos going on in your casa? And are you hoping for anything exciting to add to your home for Christmas?? Do tell!

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6 responses to A Little Burst of Sun!

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  3. Moni

    Whitney my mother and I just went through your whole website! It’s so adorable and so you. I love to see all your new inspirations. It’s as if your telling them to me, I can hear you saying this stuff as I’m reading :) it’s so fun tonread and see. Keep it up I love you

    • Aw thanks Moni! I’m glad you guys are enjoying it! We are having so much fun re-doing things the way that we want! Tell your mom I said Hi! Thanks for the encouragement too!! love you too! :)

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  5. Amanda

    Well, hi there! I absolutely love all of your ideas. I love how the prices are added in so that we all can see how much was actually spent on each project. I loved seeing how you used things you already have and turned them into your own creations. Love the colors on this frame. Keep posting things! You would be a great interior designer, p.s.