Ornament Frenzy

I’ve been wanting to make an ornament wreath for what feels like forever now!  I have seen them all over the place, and they are sooooo cool. I will tell you exactly how I did it, so you can make one too! 

First I grabbed a wire hanger and shaped it into a circle, or as close to that as I could get.

Then I unwrapped the coil part at the top, like this:

Next I hot glued the tops to the ornaments, so they wouldn’t pop off the soon-to-be wreath.

Then I just started stringing them on the hanger, alternating sizes and using the smaller ornaments to fill in the gaps.   

After I had all the ornaments on that I could squeeze on, my initial plan was to wrap the two ends of the hanger around each other to complete, or stay consistent, with the circle shape of the wreath.  But that was VERY hard to do!  They wouldn’t wrap around each other.  The hanger was just too thick, and I didn’t have the right tools, or another set of hands, to make it work. 

So I compromised and pulled the two hanger ends as close together as I could, and used masking tape to hold them in place.  I was trying not to whip out the tape, but there were no other options that I could think of at the time.  So this is how it looked after being taped up:

Notice the glitter all over the table from the ornaments? Yeah, probably should have done this project outside.  Oh well!  Then I used silver ribbon to wrap around the hanger that was showing as well as the end I just taped up.  Sorry the pic below is so funky looking…I think the silver ribbon is catching the glare, but you get the idea.

 Then I cut another piece of ribbon the length that I wanted the wreath to hang, and tied it in a little knot.  See, this piece would cover the part I just wrapped up (the taped ends).

Then I made a bow out of the ribbon by cutting two pieces the same length for the loops:

And the same thing with the “legs” of the bow (I’m not sure what they’re called!):

And lastly, I cut a short piece to wrap around the loops and created this:

Then I hot glued the “legs” on to create a sweet little bow.  And you guessed it….glued the bow on top of the knot in the ribbon that holds the wreath.  And here is my ornament wreath, proudly hanging up!

Ahhh I love it!! 

Not too shabby, eh?  And so easy to make!! 

The only thing I would say to be careful with is the ornaments shifting as you slide more on.  See that big silver one on the left?!! It wasn’t sticking out like that until I added several more and it shifted, but once I noticed it, I definitely didn’t want to take all of them off to fix it!  Oh well I guess the little quirks are what makes it original ;)

Have you guys made anything out of ornaments?? I’d love to see other color combos for this wreath!  The choices are endless!

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4 responses to Ornament Frenzy

  1. lacey brown

    This is beautiful! Were getting new ornaments so im going to use all of my old ones for it :-)

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  3. Becky

    Love it! So cute, what a great idea! This would be an awesome gift too!