A Pop of Winter Glam

Recently I was on Pinterest, which I’m kind of addicted to, thanks to one of my best friends~ Shannon! And I came across these adorable coffee beans.


Aren’t they crazy looking? So simple, but elegant at the same time.  I decided I wanted to somehow use this idea and create something.   As I wondered around the house looking at what I had on hand that I could spuce up, I thought “hmm a wreath maybe? or an ornament?” But then I saw this glass hurricane, and it struck my fancy.

It was a gift given to me by my mother-in-law, and I love it! It’s simple and elegant with clean lines.  The only problem is that for some reason the tray that holds the candle doesn’t like to stay on the glass “knobs” that it’s meant to set on.  I’ve thought about putting a few drops of super glue on those glass bumps inside the hurricane, so that the candle holder wouldn’t fall, but I never did.  And now I’m so glad I didn’t!  You probably get where I’m going with this!

First thing’s first….I actually chose not to use coffee beans because they are expensive! OMG $13 a pound.  Craziness.  So I opted for Great Northern beans instead, at $3.50 for a 2 lb bag.  Much better.  Thank goodness we don’t drink much coffee! 

Somebody was being a curious little guy.  He wants to be in on all the exciting action!  I pulled a small glass storage cup out of my cabinet to use as a filler (and as a stand for my candle). Then I filled er’ up to measure how many beans I would need to paint. 

Painting the beans was easy; I laid them all out flat on wax paper and gave them a good once-over with silver metallic spray paint.  I normally put whatever I’m painting directly on cardboard, but because these are so small, I thought wax paper would be better. I’ve seen them painted metallic gold too, which is gorgeous as well.  But silver was calling my name.  So here they are after one coat.  I let them dry for about 30 minutes and then flipped them over (no, not one by one ha!) Just sort of rolled them over to get the back side painted.

 When they were dry I just popped them into my vase and wow!  How gorgeous for a table centerpiece, sofa table, or even an end table!

 I think the candle is a little tall, but I’ll just burn it and it’ll go down :)  

The spray paint was $3 and the beans were $3.50.  Not bad, huh?!  The cool thing is the beans looked good in their natural state too, so I will definitely use the leftovers when the holidays are over.

Leave a comment, and tell us what cute holiday things you’ve done!

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12 responses to A Pop of Winter Glam

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  3. Ann Manju

    Those are actually Coffee Joulies you should look into them. They are a great product. http://www.joulies.com/

  4. Justin

    Those beans look awesome! What kind of spray paint did you use? It really looks even and shines great.

  5. brittany

    the coffee beans look awesome, what type of silver spray paint did you use? The Metalic silver spray paint I bought is not shiny and just looks weirdly sparkly. I tried Rustoleum Metalic Silver but I want something that will make my project more shiny like the coffee beans you did

  6. Sara McBride

    Whitney, this is adorable!! You are so creative! I may just copy your bean painting idea to use for our wedding center pieces! :)

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