New Porch Pronto

When we moved in, our house had a tiny little 3 foot deep baby porch, as I call it.  It’s made of brick that has been painted red.  You really couldn’t even fit a chair on it to sit out there and enjoy the weather.  It was more of a platform that filled the space between where the top of the stairs stopped and where the house began.  Here are a few of the listing photos. Sorry they are a little small, but these were the only ones I was able to find online after we closed on the house.

With the porch being so short in terms of depth and also being painted red, it really blended in with the house and made it look even more straight, meaning there wasn’t any depth or angles or points.  Here is a pic from further away, and you can’t even tell there is a porch.

 So the porch was one of the first projects that we were eager to jump right in to.  We knew we could do most of the demo-ing, but as far as the foundation for the new porch, we got three estimates.  We ended up going with the 2nd one, who actually was the cheapest in price by a landslide.  Here are the 3 estimates we got:

  1. contractor #1:  $4,200 labor only and we do the demo-ing
  2. contractor #2:  $1,600 labor only and we do the demo-ing
  3. contractor #3:  $6,000 and we wouldn’t do a thing (this guy was VERY established and is used to building homes and elaborate projects)

The materials for both #1 and #2 were very close in price, and we paid for those ourselves, meaning there was no markup. The price wasn’t the sole purpose we chose contractor #2.  We were initially thinking of going with #1, but after talking through the details, we figured it wouldn’t look much different than going with #2. 

So, first was the demo-ing.  We went to Home Depot and bought and sledgehammer (for around $20 I think) and John went to town!  The wrought iron went down first, then the brick. 

The skinny tree and those few shrubs were dug out because our new porch was going to cover that area.  In the photo above, John is pulling out the wrought iron.  The contractor instructed us to put those long 2×4 poles up just to give the over-hang some support, even though it would have been ok without them.  We wanted to be sure, so we went ahead and put the temporary beams up.  Ahh no more wrought iron!

And here it is all ready for the new porch to go up.  We were able to just pile all the brick up because the new porch was going to cover that area.  We checked with the contractor to make sure there wouldn’t be any drainage issues, and we were in the clear!

And here’s the new porch, a whopping 10 feet deep! Ahh so excited to put some rocking chairs out there and enjoy the kids skateboarding down our street.  It brings back memories, not of us skateboarding ha, but being young and doing kid-stuff like that. 

We stained the deck, rails, and tops of stairs and painted the rest white for a two-toned look.  We thought the white on the bottom portion was a little bright, so we’ve added more landscaping.

 Notice we relocated the palm tree to the right side. We aren’t done with the landscaping yet, but what an improvement! And the best part- clearance baby!

And here’s the before again, to refresh your memory.

 We trimmed the bushes to remove some of the crowding that was going on on this side of the porch.  It’s not done yet, but it looks soooo much better than before, right?!  We are loving it, especially this time of year! 

If you’ve done some exterior improvement lately, we’d love to hear about it!! Any new porches or landscaping work?? Or what about painting your front door…we’re thinking this is coming up soon!!  What are your thoughts on the color for the front door?  We want something unexpected! ;)

Update: We’ve since added some super cool hammock porch swings, so go here to check out the current look of our porch!!

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11 responses to New Porch Pronto

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  2. Wow, I love what you did to your house by adding the porch. Thanks for sharing at OPC Before & After.

  3. Love your new porch! what a lot of work that must have been. Thanks so much for submitting your before and after project at OPC The Better Half!!!

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  9. Andrea Brothers

    looks beautiful whit! i love the color you picked to paint it. that will be so nice to have when you want to enjoy the weather. perfect size too!