College Pride

Up until recently, I thought I had lost misplaced my college diploma, and it was driving me bonkers!  I’m not one to lose things very often, so when I do, I have to keep looking and looking and looking until I find it. Well, you know where this is going…guess what? I found it!  After working my tail off for 4 years, I figured I might as well frame that thing.  Here’s my mom, she’s the coolest.  I’d say it was sunny enough that day, seeing as how we can barely keep our eyes open, ha!

Anyway, I know it can be pretty pricey to get a picture or document matted and framed.  But that’s the look I wanted for my diploma…elegant and sophisticated.  So I was thinking about how I could make my own matting, but then it dawned on me.  I remembered these two old framed pictures we had stored away and dug them out.

 The style of the painting just really isn’t “us,” so why not repurpose a perfectly good frame. First we used a box cutter to carefully cut the paper backing off on the backside of the frame.  Then it was quite simple….we used some double sided tape on all four corners of the diploma and carefully taped it right on top of the painting, which luckily was the EXACT same size as the diploma!

 Easy peasy! We put it back together and hung it in the office. 

It looks like it was professionally framed, but it was f-r-e-e! I love it when we can repurpose something we already have.  Now I don’t have to worry about losing it anymore either.  And because we have two matching frames, the second will be used for John’s diploma!

Have you guys repurposed anything lately? Or framed anything special? We’d love to hear about it!

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